European river cruises: variety from the Thames to the Mediterranean

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Europe is diverse. Not only in language, culture and the number of countries on the continent, but also in the types of cruises that are offered. With the pleasant summer breeze of the Mediterranean to the colds of Norway and the British Isles, there is a European river cruise for everyone.

The Rhine has always been high on the list

Cruises on the European rivers are gaining popularity, but one of the cruises that has always been popular is the Rhine. Through the Rhine area, you will experience not only impressive sights but also multiple countries and cultures. You can start your journey in the Swiss city of Basel and go down the river all the way to Amsterdam.

On your way, you can experience impressive operas and classical music in the city of Strasbourg, visit a castle in Koblenz and visit the Black Forest. The forest is known for its beauty and comes back in a lot of folk tales, including the story of Hansel and Gretel. With personal guides on the cruise, you will gain a very good insight into the local habits and nature. Not forget to mention all the local foods that you can experience!

Cruising through Britain

European river cruises don’t stop there. Another pearl in the list is is the Royal River Thames. On the river, you will experience the typical life of Britain while cruising through major hotspots such as London and Oxford. This scenic route is still to be discovered by a majority of tourists. Groups are relatively small and you will have a personal approach with local guides at your service.

Not only will you experience a High Tea in the village of Cookham, you will also be able to shop and sightsee through London. Another hotspot in this journey is the student city of Oxford, which hosts the oldest English-speaking university in the world. Another richness of England is the amount of castles. You will be able to visit the famous Windsor castle and the Dorney Court, both close to the river Thames.

Experience wine and Mediterranean culture on the Douro river

This European river cruise brings us to Portugal, where we can enjoy the lovely taste of Port wine in the city of Porto. From this city, we will cruise down the Douro river to Spain. This brings us to the Spanish city of Salamanca, where you can enjoy Spanish food and culture at its best. Being an epicentre for students who are studying Spanish and Spanish culture, you will experience traditional Spanish life at its finest. Along the Douro river, you will see the Douro Valley where the port grapes originate from. Here you can taste and enjoy the local delicacies from Portugal. Not to forget to mention the delicious seafood being served in this area of Europe. A wide variety of European river cruises to take upon!