Everything You Need to Learn about Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo has become the principal hub for visitors wanting to explore East Nusa Tenggara, recognized among the very best dive spots on earth. If Komodo Island Flores and its surroundings are on your itinerary, this guide will show you just the best way you can reach this port city, the best time to visit, and a lot more.

How to get there?

Labuan Bajo is situated on the tip of Flores. If you are boarding a global flight, the island could be reached through Lombok, Bali or Jakarta. Flights to Labuan Bajo’s Komodo Airport can be found daily.

Finest time to visit

The sunlight shines year-long – making it the ideal destination for any time of the season – especially if you’re searching for relief from colder weather home. Some travellers prefer to skip January-March when it is likely to rain, or even July-August when it strikes at peak tourist season. The ocean here is clear and calm from April to June. It allows unwinding and experiencing what Labuan Bajo has to provide.

If you are looking forward to visiting and swimming with manta rays, you will want to plan to see between the beginning of September and the end of December. This period is the time for manta snorkelling throughout Komodo. Diving and snorkelling around Labuan Bajo is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Planning your trip doesn’t need to be complicated. It’s a destination – though some months are much more amazing than others.

In case you’re looking for a dive hotel in Komodo, a Labuan Bajo dip hotel is an excellent starting point. They are situated to the north of this Flores dive resort space and provide access to the diving and snorkelling destinations across Sebayur.

The fantastic news is you could stay everywhere in and around without losing access to your Komodo island diving locale. Charters and frequent ferry trips’ availability makes travel around Komodo simple. Your preferred Labuan Bajo dip team will provide choices to you to reach each corner of Komodo. Ask to talk at your Labuan Bajo dive resort for details when booking your travel. They can recommend the dive staff to lead your journey, and assist you to balance all of your favourite destinations into your trip itinerary.

Things to do

There are plenty of items to adventure here, while many think about Labuan Bajo as a gateway to Komodo Island. Receive a flavour of authentic community food if you’re a foodie and visit Kampung Ujung. Sunset fans might wish to visit Bukit Cinta, Bukit Amelia, also Bukit Silvia, which provide the best vantage points in the city.

Things to buy

Labuan Bajo is home to several artisans who craft one way Florinese keepsakes to take home. In a beautifully woven Ikat to much more and speciality coffee, below are some treasures you would want to continue to relive your Labuan Bajo getaway.

  1. Ikat

You do not wish to leave Labuan Bajo with this stunning traditional Florinese hand-woven cloth. It utilizes natural ingredients such as leaves, woods, and roots, every bit has a different pattern and carries its own story. There are lots of centres including Watublapi, Nggela, or Lewokluo, on the island.

  1. Topi Re’ a

Topi Re’ a is a Florinese hat, created from hand-woven and Pandan leaves in intricate, colourful patterns. This little hat is exceptional, and you can even have a customized motif.

  1. Flores Coffee

Flores Arabica, famous as Bajawa java, is said to be a favourite among espresso enthusiasts all around the world. These specialization advertisements beans have intense flavour, with hints of wood and chocolate, combined with floral notes.

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