All Things You Should Know About Italy Before Planning a Trip

Italy is the most romantic destination on the planet. You immediately think of pizza, pasta, wine, walking down the cobblestone streets, and grasping the history and wonders. Traveling there is an unforgettable vacation, and many people consider it a dream trip that they will plan for years to make a reality.

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If you’re planning to travel to Italy this year, you should know everything about the city.


The best time to visit Italy is between April-June and September-October season. Northern Italy gets snow in winter, but southern Italy isn’t hot all year, but some part also experiences snow. The well-known sites to explore are –

  • Colosseum in Rome
  • Gondola Ride in Venice
  • Milan Cathedral in Milan
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

It is best to book tickets in advance during peak season. Shopping around is fun, but many shops are closed on Sundays and museums are closed on Mondays.


Avoid rental cars in Italian cities because they are known for heavy traffic. However, if you’re visiting the countryside then cars, are the best option. Still, nothing is as good as trains because they are cheap, comfortable and reach faster than any other vehicle. If you’re interested to visit the islands then forget cars and take ferries.


Italians begin their day with breakfast around 8 am, lunch at 1 pm and dinner doesn’t start before 7.30 pm. This means, if you’re looking for dinner before 7.30 pm you should explore a bar or café. The locals prefer local and seasonal foods. The menu includes –

  • Antipasti (appetizers)
  • Primi (pasta, soups, and rice)
  • Secondi (protein like meat, eggs, and fish)
  • Contorni (side dishes including veggies)
  • Dolci (desserts)


Wi-Fi is not trustworthy in Italy, even 4 or 5-star hotels sometimes fail to provide good Wi-Fi connection to their guests. If you desperately need an internet connection during your stay then carry your MiFi along. If it is a short trip then ask your smartphone service provider to charge for international calls instead of buying a new SIM card in Italy.


Italy is known to have a cash culture, many restaurants don’t accept credit cards in Italy, so you should have enough cash in your wallet. No hotel, shop, or restaurant accept US dollars, it is all in Euros. Inform your bank about your traveling before they suspend your card upon seeing suspicious Italy transactions.

Italy has too many things to offer, if you want to enjoy every moment, then keep enough days in hand. You may think of keeping all moments in your smartphone, but you should also carry your camera for some dedicated special moments, which can be printed out and stored in an album.