Your Best Time In Switzerland

Are you traveling to Switzerland and want to know more about what your tourist life in the country will be like? Is everything so expensive and the landscapes are so stunning? Or are you in doubt of what to take, where to stay, what is worth knowing?

  • In this post we gather the best tips from Switzerland, with everything important you need to know before visiting the country.
  • Switzerland’s currency is the Swiss franc and not the euro, as the country is not part of the European Union.

Swiss Franc

And just like the pound sterling (the currency of England), the franc is always more expensive than the euro, so expect a painful exchange rate.

  • The euro is hardly accepted in Switzerland, so you will have to exchange it when you arrive in the country.
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Is Switzerland really expensive?

The simplest answer to that question is: yes. But in the end, it depends. Some things are priced well in the European average, while others even cost your eyes. At  zermatt boutique hotel you can find the best choices now.

Shopping at the market is much more affordable than eating at a restaurant. The rule applies anywhere in the world, but even more so in Switzerland. So a good tip is to stay in a hotel or hostel with a kitchen to save money.

How much does it cost to travel around Switzerland

Saving tips in Switzerland

Stay longer in cities: since train travel is very expensive in Switzerland, it is worthwhile to cut one city or another from the itinerary and spend more time in the one you find interesting. If you really have to travel, take the bus.

Switzerland is one of the countries thatis part of the Schengen Treaty, where travelers are required to provide proof of travel insurance with a minimum coverage of € 30,000. This insurance must cover expenses due to illness or accident while traveling.

That is, nothing to travel to Switzerland without travel insurance

Therefore, we recommend that you visit our insurance page to answer your questions, do a search and find the best quote.

Getting to Switzerland

If you are traveling to Switzerland, be aware that the cheapest flights are usually to Geneva and Zurich. There are also some good flights to Basel, on the border with Germany and France.

From yoru country, Swiss Airlines makes a direct flight to Zurich. There are other companies that stop in major European cities, such as TAP, Latam, KLM and Air France. We always research ticket prices on Skyscanner and Momondo.Buying in advance, a round-trip ticket to Switzerland costs around R $ 2,500 through TAP, and the flight lasts an average of 14 hours.Those already in Europe can get tickets on low cost airlines, such as Ryanair and Easyjet. A return ticket can cost R $ 200 from cities such as Berlin and Vienna. Be aware that airlines may charge luggage separately.