Working at Digital Nomad Canggu and Affordable Meal in Jimbaran

Bali is widely known and popular as a tourist destination in Indonesia. Besides offering beautiful views of nature, it turns out that this island also has a particular area that is comfortable for working and vacationing at affordable prices.

Fun Work at Digital Nomad Canggu

There is a situation where workers can continue to be productive if they work anywhere. This situation is called “Digital Nomad”. As long as an internet connection is available, those who work in creative industries, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship can be done smoothly.

Dewata Island has a digital nomad area in Canggu. Due to a digital nomad community, fast internet access, and affordable living costs, hundreds of digital nomads from various parts of the world choose to work and live here. Tropical Nomad coworking space is the busiest.

Here, digital nomads have the right to choose whether to work in an air-conditioned room or not, in a cafe, or even lie in a bean bag. There is also the opportunity to upgrade yourself through organizing certain events, such as talk shows or Indonesian language classes.

The Secret to Trying Seafood in Jimbaran

After finishing your exhausting work, or while enjoying a working holiday, you can have a trip to refresh yourself by visiting Jimbaran. One of the recommended activities is eating seafood. Here are tips for trying this seafood menu at an affordable price:

  1. Buying Seafood in the market

This tip is recommended because the price of seafood in the market will be lower than in other places. The Kedonganan Fish Market in Jimbaran Bay is one of the markets with affordable seafood prices. There are many choices of fish, squid, shrimp, clams, and other seafood sold at budget friendly prices.

  1. Processing Seafood at the Nearest Restaurant or Small Shop

After shopping, bring seafood to several stalls near the beach that provide grilled fish services. Visitors can choose savory and delicious spices at booths like this, such as Jimbaran’s special spices.

Seafood ingredients will be grilled, but you can also request other ways, such as boiling or frying. The standard price for processing the seafood is quite affordable, starting at 20,000 IDR per kg, including chili and rice.

  1. Choose a Strategic Place to Eat

You can end shopping Jimbaran activities and enjoy the seafood menu by devouring it at Jimbaran Beach. The location is quite strategic and close to the beach. The reason is that the seafront atmosphere still feels clear in this spot.

  1. Finding the Right Moment at Twilight

After getting a location to eat, choose the right time to enjoy the beach. Evening or late afternoon is the right choice. While enjoying seafood, tourists can stay at Jimbaran Beach to watch the sunset and take pictures to bring unforgettable memories.

  1. Bring Home Leftovers Seafood

Please don’t waste money by throwing away your seafood leftovers, you can just bring the leftovers back to the hotel, villa, resort, or place to stay to eat again later.

In Bali you can have two pleasures at once. If you want to work, tropical nomad in Canggu is the answer. If you want a vacation, there is Jimbaran. Both offer different excitements located in two different areas.