Where can you have a fort destination wedding in India?

A destination wedding in India is one part of the best experience. However, there are many lovely places to select from, including historical palaces, luxurious beaches, and mountain resorts. You can choose the top event management company in Delhiwhich will advise you to have a royal wedding in one of India’s several unique forts. Even if some venues have undergone renovations and have varied architectural designs, they have managed to keep their original appeal and ambience. Have your wedding in a majestic fort if you value history and art and desire an unforgettable cultural experience for your guests. You should enlist the assistance of the top wedding planners in India to help you make all the necessary preparations and design the regal destination wedding in India. Here you will see the places for a fort destination wedding:

Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur

The Mehrangarh fort is one of Jodhpur’s most prominent forts. It is built atop a hill and gives tourists a great perspective of the entire city. This enormous work of art can frighten you with its enticing beauty. This fort was built by the Rajputs and is known in history as the “Citadel of the Sun” of the Blue City. The fort has six different buildings, giving it the ideal place to hold all of your pre-wedding rituals. This is the location to be if you plan a huge Indian wedding.

Fort Rajwada, Jaisalmer

Do you love to look at a fantastic view? Then Fort Rajwada is the best place. This fort, situated close to the vast Thar Desert, is home to Jaisalmer, the pride of Rajasthan’s Golden City. Fort Rajwada in Jaisalmer is the ideal location for a destination wedding in Rajasthan. It will give you imperial royalty and an unforgettable experience of warm Rajputana hospitality on your special day. Your guests would surely like to do a desert safari or participate in adventurous activities in the huge Thar Desert.

Mundota Fort and Palace, Jaipur

This beautifully restored battle fort, constructed in the 14th century on the foothills of the Aravalli Range, will be ideal for a dream wedding in a hill town. Your wedding photography album will have a beautiful backdrop due to the magnificent mountains and the attraction of Jaipur, often known as the Pink City. The Fort and Palace at Mundota witness 500 years of illustrious history. You can explore the various locations within this fort complex, which features courtyards, terraces, lovely pavilions, gardens, and even sand dunes, along with Rajput and Mughal architecture. Fort weddings as destination wedding venues have long been popular, so enlist the trend and reserve this fort palace with the help of wedding planners in Delhi for your dream wedding.

Khimsar Fort and Dunes, Jodhpur

Another choice to consider if you are organising a destination wedding in Rajasthan is Khimsar Fort and Dunes. This fortified structure, built in the 15th century by the heir to the house of Jodhpur, exhibits its history and royalty in its unaltered and beautiful construction. Plan your celebrations in the Khimsar Fort in Jodhpur if you want the ideal fusion of an Indian fort wedding that is both traditional and magnificent. The dunes, which might make for the perfect venue for a dance party, are located 15 minutes from the fort. Due to the elaborate architecture and hand-painted walls, your wedding ceremonies will take place in the ideal setting.

Fort Jadavgadh, Pune

Fort Jadavgadh, the only fort heritage site in Maharashtra, will take you on a journey of 300 years of history and the splendour of Maratha rule. This fort, one of the most beautiful wedding locations for a destination wedding in India, would undoubtedly add an excellent touch to your special day. Another option is to travel to Maharashtra to organise your ideal wedding. In Pune, couples frequently choose the 300-year-old Fort Jadavgarh for their wedding venue. This location will provide a fascinating wedding ceremony with its elegant lawns, regal courtyards, secret tunnels, and channels.

Final Thoughts

As you know, a destination wedding is one of a lifetime experience. So, you can hire a reputable Concept Conferences Pvt Ltd for your dream wedding. They are professional in handling destination weddings and offer you a fantastic outcome.