What to do in Menorca in summer 2021?

Although currently, in the context of the pandemic, choosing a travel destination seems to review the map of a minefield, the truth is that with the appropriate restrictions and precautions, travel has become increasingly accessible and enjoyable for the general population. so far in 2021.

Currently for August of this year one of the best tourist seasons since the beginning of the pandemic is expected since last year. And that is why in this post we will be sharing some tips to make the most of your visit to the island.

What is the best way to travel to the island?

After having reviewed all the necessary documentation, you can review your travel options without further worries. You can choose whether to take a boat or plane, with your car or without it. In general, it is preferred to get to the island by plane due to the practicality and speed of the trip, however this means traveling without the family car.

However, on the island there are many ways for car hire Menorca services that are always available to visitors.

Coves and beaches that you can’t miss while visiting Menorca

The truth is that Menorca is widely known for its coves and beaches, and it is not for less, since these white sands bathed by crystal clear and warm waters are not easy to find in all of Europe.

Cala Galdana is one of the obligatory stops on this visit. Not only does it have a large surface area, but it is also considered one of the most familiar of all since it has all kinds of services; from bars to have excellent drinks, to rental attractions such as boats or kayaks to please every taste.

Another of the obligatory stops, and one of the favorites of the visitors is Cala Pilar, which is distinguished from others by the golden-reddish color of its sand.

For those in search of stronger emotions, Cala En Brut is the right place. Not only does it have transparent waters and cave areas, but it also has cliffs from which jumps can be made that exceed 10m in height.

Menorca is more than beaches and coves!

A travel experience cannot be complete without good gastronomy, and Menorca is an especially good place to offer excellent culinary experiences to its visitors.

The mixture of cultures is present in the restaurants of Mahón, where the fusion of Italian and Moroccan food in conjunction with local specialties results in the best shrimp and seafood dishes that can be found in all the Balearic Islands. This is definitely the golden point for a trip to these beautiful islands.