What should you know about buying Greece properties?

Greece has successfully overcome the acute phase of the financial crisis and is now systematically developing its economy. More and more wealthy foreigners choose this country to buy luxury Halkidiki properties. It is noteworthy that in Greece you can get a full residence permit for the purchase of a villa, apartment, or private house. The corresponding government program has been running for more than seven years.

Main advantages

We would like to start by listing the main advantages of Greek real estate:

  • Items for sale at great prices. Many of the proposed options are detached villas on their own plots. The cost of utilities is minimal – you only have to pay for water and electricity, and even according to the meters. A plus is the relatively low council tax.
  • Greeks are friendly and welcoming people. You will definitely like to communicate with the locals: check the villa for rent in Halkidiki to make sure you’ll find many things in common with native residents. 
  • Despite the complexity, the Greek language seems familiar. But we would recommend that you start learning the language in advance because its knowledge allows you to win over the future seller and realtors.

Geographic nuances

When buying, it is important to pay attention to geography: if the selected property is located in the border area of ​​Greece, then you will need to obtain special permission. This is due to the exclusion of danger to public order and the security of the country. To do this, the lawyer, acting on behalf of the buyer, must submit an appropriate application with a fairly simple set of documents. 

This is simply an extended procedure, which often allows you to get an installment payment for the house. This stage is not needed if the property is located in areas of the country that are not considered border areas.