What are the benefits of hiring home stay in Japan?

Planning a perfect family, or friends or solo trip to Japan requires a lot of planning. Despite this, living abroad is not a seven-headed bug. Generally, solo travellers or students prefer to live in the homestay in Japan. This is because it is one of the safest forms of housing for newcomers since in other cases, such as share accommodations. In this article, you will get to know the benefits of choosing home stay accommodation.

First steps

Although each country has specifics, it is common for the tourism operators to select the families that wish to host foreigners, based on the safety and comfort that foreigners have to offer the exchange student. You can even hire home stay service directly from online portals. The benefit is that you stay safe, get to know the Japanese culture, foods, and history.

Cultural immersion

Contact with different cultures is one of the coolest things, and home stay in Japan offers this very particular and rich immersion, one of the main differentiators of this type of experience. At home stay, students or travellers can follow the daily life of a family and all its customs and culture. Always go with an open mind. Study a little of the local culture and customs and enjoy, as it will surely be an incredible experience.

Single rooms

Being in another country living another language is an impactful experience. Being in a room all to yourself and having that moment to breathe can help organize ideas in the first few weeks — and this possibility home stay can offer you. In addition to a single room, travellers can also count on a private bathroom. Keep in mind that choosing a private place can make the costs higher. It is always good to be open-minded, if that is your condition, so you can share a room with someone.


Who can resist the delicacy of Japanese foods? You will get to know and taste the mainland Japanese foods in home stay. Home stay has several advantages and one of them is food. Mostly, breakfast and dinner are guaranteed during the week, in the so-called half-board regime, but you can also choose full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner), according to your financial planning. On weekends, it is common for home stay members to offer breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Relevant subject, many travellers have some type of allergy to pets or need to follow a special diet. If you fit into one of the two profiles, inform the consultant at the beginning of your service of any type of restriction you may have. At the destination, the process of changing residence usually takes a few days, which can complicate your situation. 

Basic rules

Each family has its cultural rule. Knowing your Host Family rules is essential. Some are quite common, such as dinnertime and bath time, but in some homes, the family may choose not to give the traveler a copy of the key. At this moment, dialogue with the family that is receiving you is essential, because the rules exist and you must respect it. A frank conversation can resolve the situation much easier and faster.