Visiting the city of Arriaga in the state of Chiapas

Arriaga Town is among the Chiapas’ 122 municipalities, in the south of Mexico. The town has an area of around 653.3 km2, or 252.2 sq miles, as well as is bordered by the Pacific Sea and the adjoining state of Oaxaca, in addition to by the Chiapas communities of Cintalapa, Villaflores, Jiquipilas, as well as Tonalá.

Arriaga is a city in Chiapas, Mexico. If you are circumnavigating Chiapas, you will most likely at some time wind up in Arriaga. Although there is not much in the town itself, it’s an important factor of the joint between numerous highways. From Arriaga you can head South to Tapachula, Tonalá, and Guatemala; North to Oaxaca, Veracruz as well as Mexico City; or East towards Tuxtla and San Cristobal.

If you are looking for an ADO bus station in Arriaga, please visit the link.

“La Bestia” is the train on which numerous illegal aliens from Central America travel, as well as it passes through Arriaga. There is an immigrant shelter in the town, as well as it’s usual for people to ask to see your papers when you’re bumming a ride in Chiapas. Specifically, when you’re hitching North.

There are several gasoline stations around Arriaga, and you can conveniently oversleep at any one of them. The one right outside in the North is especially great. It has a protected camping area, actually valuable during the rainy season, free showers, and even outlets.

Understand that if you’re traveling between Tuxtla/San Cristobal and Oaxaca, there is a shortcut that does not take you via Arriaga. Many people use it, so you might decline a ride to Arriaga.

Take a colectivo, or 6 pesos, heading toward either La Gloria or Zapata. These pass some gas stations simply beyond the town. In July 2013, there was additionally a military checkpoint just throughout the state boundary in Oaxaca. You can ask the chauffeur to allow you out near there; it has to do with a one km stroll.