Trek Your Way to The Himalayas and Reward Yourself a Blissful Experience – Plan It Right

Is ‘Trekking in the Himalayas’ included in your bucket list? If not, it’s time to update your bucket list. Go on an epic hiking adventure during your trip to Nepal. Do you know that 8 out of 14 world’s peak towers are in Nepal? Trekking the Himalayas is the perfect way to explore this stunning country.

We can’t stress enough how satisfying Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek would turn out to be. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Planning the entire leg involves a lot of details. Take the stress off your shoulders and reach out to Frolic Adventure. Visit their website and check out their detailed itinerary and book the trek with them. 

Prepping for the trek:

Trekking is nowhere close to the usual vacations we take. It involves a lot of additional considerations since you are going to be passing through remote locations where you won’t get access to basic necessities. You need to be armed with certain requirement before starting the trek and take into account certain details before fixing the date of your trek.

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Avoid rainy season: For starters avoid planning a trek during the rainy season. In addition to getting drenched, you’ll be missing out on the views. The trail tends to be muddy and abundant with leeches. 

Pack light: It is understandable that some feel the need to over pack for travel. However, when it comes to treks, you will regret carrying more stuff. Drop your stuff at some hotel in Nepal and carry only the essentials.

Avail the services of a porter: There are porters available who hike along with you and carry your bags. It is totally worth to spend extra bucks to hire a porter.

Purchase a SIM card: Skip this if you want a digital detox. But if you are someone who require internet to check on work-related stuff, a local SIM guarantees good network service.

Things to pack:

  • A proper travel bag: Now is not to time to flaunt your style quotient. A decent travel bag which is easy to manage during hikes with a good back support and a waist belt is ideal.
  • Comfortable and warm clothes: Wear hiking-appropriate clothes. You won’t require extensive hiking gear. Just make sure your clothes don’t limit your mobility.
  • Long socks: Socks worn during treks are solely for comfort and protection. Long socks protect you from leeches.
  • Rain jacket: The last thing you want is to get caught in an unexpected downpour. Purchase a decent rain jacket at home. Don’t wait until the last minute or purchase one at the destination. The jacket may not serve the purpose and would leave you drenched.
  • Travel charger: Not all places along the trekking trail have electricity. Pack a back up charging device to charge your phone and camera.
  • Passport size photo: You would be asked to submit your passport size photo in certain places -for hike permit, purchasing SIM card etc.

With proper planning your trek plan is bound to go smooth. Travel as a group (Saves time from rechecking the map n number of times) and enjoy the beauty of nature along with other adventure-lovers.