Traveling With A Hair System: Tips And Tricks

In general, traveling can be a pretty daunting and nerve-racking experience for many, especially if they’re going on flights. This is even more so the case for hair system wearers. What do you need to take? Will your hair system be detected by a scanner? Where do you make adjustments to your hair in a discreet manner? This blog will look at all things traveling with a hair replacement system.

Keeping Adhesives In Mind

For many hair system wearers, they prefer liquid adhesives or wig glues as their method of bonding. However, we recommend considering tape if you’re going on a trip. Why? For one, it’s easier to pack. It’s also much faster and easier to apply. That’s not mentioning the fact that there’s always a risk of your liquid adhesive leaking. Additionally, some adhesives are flammable which could end up with you getting your bonding method confiscated when traveling.

If you want to be even more efficient, have tape applied to your clean backup hair replacement system and have it stored in a plastic bag within your luggage. This is so that whenever you need to install it or switch, it will be ready for attachment. Keep your old toupee in the bag and seal it. You can clean it if you want, but you can also do it when you return home from your travels.

Take Only Essentials

If you’re only traveling for a few weeks at most, you don’t need to take bottles and bottles of solvents for example. Instead, have a small travel kit ready and take only what you need. If you prefer not to let anyone know what these supplies are, you can transfer small amounts to unmarked containers or bottles.

However, if you’re going to be out of town for a while, we recommend taking some sheets of plastic wrap along with you. You can then attach this to your bathroom mirror and clean your base with the help of the mirror slide method. Alternatively, you can safely pack your adhesive solvents and clean your system the old fashioned way.

How to Remove Glue Residue From Your Hair System

Sleeping With A Hairpiece

You will want to protect your hair when you’re sleeping, especially if you’re not wearing your hair system as daily wear. You can either bring a pillowcase along with you that is made of either silk or satin material. Alternatively, you can bring along with a silk or satin bonnet which you can wear over your hair when you’re sleeping. Silk or satin is great for your hair as they are hair-friendly and don’t create friction when making contact which can cause hair tangling and shedding.

Headwear Is Recommended

It’s not a bad idea to take some form of headwear along with you when you’re traveling. This can be in the form of a hat, cap or scarf. This not only helps protect your hair from the sun or any other weather conditions, but also helps make sure your bond doesn’t loosen. Additionally, if you’re required to clean or reattach your base but don’t have time, you can simply pop a hat on.

What About Airport Scanners?

One of the most common questions about hair replacement systems and wigs for men is airport security and whether scanners will be able to detect hairpieces. This is not usually the case regardless of the airport you’re in. But with that said, it’s possible modern scanners can detect many clips or bobby pins in your hair. If this happens, you will likely be pulled aside and asked questions. Just remain calm and answer truthfully — after all, you’re not doing anything illegal. In the unlikely chance you are asked to remove your hairpiece, you can ask for a private room to do so.