Top 3 Entertainment Venues Near Austin, TX

If you are planning a trip to Austin, and want to include some quality entertainment in your vacation itinerary, you will want to know the best places to catch a good show in and around the city. A good entertainment venue can really add to the feeling and ambiance of a show.

Austin is especially known for entertainment venues, specifically live music venues, since it is considered “The Live Music Capital of the World.” So if you are looking for some amazing live music, you have certainly come to the right place. Check out these 3 entertainment venues for some outstanding shows on your next trip to Austin:

ACL Live at the Moody Theater

The Moody Theater is the filming venue for the music television show, Austin City Limits (ACL), which is considered the longest-running music series in TV history. You can head to the Moody Theater for one of their many concerts each year (up to 100 concerts some years).

You will be greeted at the theater by a huge statue of Willie Nelson. And while the parking can be a challenge, the price is worth it for the quality of show in this state of the art theater. The theater hosts some of the top musical acts every year, and its updated systems make the shows incredible. So if you are heading to Austin for a show, be sure to check out who is playing at the Moody Theater while you are there.

Stubb’s BBQ

If you like the idea of dinner and a show, but you want something more on the casual side than a formal affair, Stubb’s BBQ is the Austin entertainment venue for you. The venue is located in the Red River District, which offers the bonus of being able to head out for dancing or drinks before or after your show at Stubb’s.

The music venue itself is an outdoor amphitheater with great lighting and good views from all around, since the audience is located on a gradual incline. And obviously, given the name, some spectacular BBQ is available. So grab a brisket platter and enjoy the show at Stubb’s!

ZACH Theater

While Austin is clearly known for its live music and live music venues, theater is also a fun form of live entertainment. If you are looking for a great live theater show in Austin, you will need to check out the ZACH Theater, also called the Zachary Scott Theater Center.

It is considered the oldest continuously active theater company in the state, and their theater complex has three stages. ZACH Theater has over 500 performances every year. You can check out a play, a musical, or even a children’s show, if you are bringing kids on your trip. The Zachary Scott Theater Center is a great entertainment venue to see a play.

If you love the idea of being at the center of the live music scene and want to live in “The Live Music Capital of the World,” there are plenty of houses for rent in Austin. You can call Austin your home and check out a new show every weekend.