Things you should know about A2 English Test Booking

A2 English Test is a mandatory test that has to be taken for the extension of visas to stay in the UK. This exam is applicable for Spouse/Partner visa extensions and also for the non-EEA parents of a UK citizen to extend their stay in the country. It is a UKVI approved exam known as GESE Grade 3 or A2. The home office has to confirm that the candidates have an A1 level of English before they apply for the extension of their visa in the UK. The common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) measures the eligibility of the candidates before they book the A2 exams. This article will provide you information on how to do an A2 English Test Booking for the center of your choice, eligibility criteria for taking the test, other rules and regulations. Let us get started:

Eligibility criteria

  • To take the test, the candidate has to be a Spouse/Partner of a person who is settled in the UK or a Parent of the person who is settled in the UK.
  • Candidates can only apply for an extension after they have stayed for 2.5 years in the UK this was applicable from October 2016.

A2 English Test Booking process

  • Choose a site that can help you to book the center of your choice.
  • The candidates have to make sure they have the right eligibility to take the test.
  • Exam centers have to be selected and the dates of your choice to take the test can also be selected.
  • You can book from the available dates that will be displayed on the site.
  • The candidates will be guided about the procedures on the site.
  • The booking amount is 200.00 GBP.

Here are some pointers on the proceedings of the exam and some rules to be followed:

Exam pattern and rules

  • This exam will consist of a 7-minute long speaking and listening test to check your English fluency.
  • The provisional announcement of results will be done on the same day.
  • The candidates will receive the certificate within 7 days of the provisional results.
  • The exam will test your speaking and listening skills only.
  • The candidates will have to describe their day to day activities, understand the use of the tenses, especially the present continuous tense.
  • The candidates must understand the frequent words and phrases typically used in the description of their activities such as the weather, local area, etc.
  • Proper pronunciation is a must and usage of short sentences should be preferred.
  • Questions asked must be simple.

All this has to be presented to the examiner of the A2 English language test. The candidates can also visit the online sites to take practice tests. They can also improve the English fluency through it. Once the test is cleared the candidates are allowed the extension of their stay in the UK into their 5 years visa. So, if you are willing to apply to go through the procedures and apply for it in an instant.