The Limo Options You Can Opt for: When?

If your ceremony takes place at a different location than your wedding reception, transportation must also be provided for you as well as for your wedding guests. So that your big day goes off flawlessly and without any complications, we have the most important tips ready for you today, what you have to consider when looking for and choosing the wedding transport and which transport options are available to you.

Plan the Time

We advise you to create a rough schedule of how your wedding will go. This gives you a clear overview of which activity will take place at what time on the wedding day. Where and when will you prepare your hairstyle and make-up? When do you have to be at the ceremony? When does the wedding celebration start? How long does it take from the ceremony to the location of the wedding reception? Are there enough parking spaces? Do all wedding guests have a car? All of these factors influence the choice of your means of transport. It is important that you know exactly when and how often you have to commute in order to find the right mode of transport. The Oakville Limo is the right option there.

Plan more time for the transport routes, because you can never predict traffic jams or traffic problems. We also recommend that you research unusual events such as sporting events, city celebrations or festivals on the Internet and whether these are taking place in the immediate vicinity on your big day.

Setting the Budget

In order to set the right budget, you should deal with the following questions:

  • How important is your wedding transport?
  • Does it have to be something special?
  • What is your wedding theme and should your vehicle match it?
  • How much of the budget do you want to spend on transport?

How many vehicles are you planning for your wedding party? Usually the bride and her bridesmaids have one car and the groom and groomsmen have a second.

Maybe you would like to arrange a bus for your other wedding guests? Once you’ve set a certain time and budget, you can start looking for the right car rental company and the dream vehicle. Is there someone in your circle of friends who you can borrow a fancy car from for your big day?

Choose Your Dream Vehicle

There are so many ways of transporting your wedding, taking into account your wedding theme and of course your personal taste. An elegant limousine, for example, is ideal for a glamorous wedding! If you have a rustic wedding theme and are celebrating in a country house, a carriage might be an option. A classic car would be perfect for a romantic vintage wedding! A silver Rolls-Royce is ideal for a modern wedding celebration. A cranked party bus fits in with a trendy hotel party. Make sure to visit your dream car personally to get a clear picture and avoid nasty surprises on the wedding day. In summer you should make sure that the air conditioning works in the cars.