The Islands of Maldives – Heavens Brought to Earth

The Maldives consists of almost a thousand islands and it is an independent country. It is indeed a wonderful country to visit. There are many attractions for tourists. Lots of couples go there for a honeymoon to enjoy its beauty. It is indeed a wonderful place for families to relax and enjoy a stress-free environment. In the Maldives, you can enjoy luxurious hotels and hospitable staff. There are many fun activities that you can do for relaxation like scuba diving, swimming and many more.Here, you can have the ultimate dining experience as well.

Geographical Diversity of Maldives

The islands of Maldives are very beautiful and stunning. They are made with a range of volcanic mountains. All the mountains are just 6 feet above sea level. There are barrier reefs that defend the islands from the bad effects of the monsoon. The weather is very beautiful because of the rains and winds. The area is lush green because of bushes and tropical trees. Coconut is found in abundance in these islands. Here you can enjoy not only the natural beauty and fresh air but also peaceful weather. In reefs, the fish and turtles are found and the locals use their oil in meals and as the traditional remedies, youcan visit these islands with Imminet, a trustworthy company that can arrange tours for you.


People from various regions came to visit Maldives from time to time and eventually they settled here permanently. In history, we can find that for the first time Tamil and Sinhalese people came to the Maldives. After that, the traders came here from, Malaya, Madagascar, Indonesia, and China.The national language is an Indo-European language. Other languages like Dhivehi, Maldivian, Arabic, Hindi, and English are also spoken. 

Islam is however the national religion of this country.More than half of the population is considered rural. Except for those who live in Male, the only quite huge agreement which falls in the USA.Majority population of Maldives lives in villages on small islands in scattered atolls. Approximately 20% of the islands in Maldives have a population of not more than thousand people. However, the southern islands of the country are extra densely populated than the northern ones. The local transport fares in Maldives are incredibly cheaper than other tourist resorts in the world. As a whole, the country has more youth than the senior adults. An average citizen of Maldives has a life span spreading over 75 to 80 years of age. 

Most Beautiful Places To Visit

Head to the Maldives if you can’t figure your next vacation trip. It could your best of the best vacation trip if you get the chance of visiting the Maldives. Follow these simple instructions which can ultimately let you comprehend some of the finest places in the Maldives. Right here we have shortlisted the maximum adventurous places to visit within the Maldives which are all lovely and spectacular spots. Though not exhaustive, the listing of the fine locations to visit in the Maldives helps you tick offbest visitor spots with a little bit of professional help from Imminet. 

The Best Location i.e. Male

Located on the southern edge of Kaafu Atoll, the North Malé Atoll is the most important town and the most popular vacation spot. There are numerous remarkable places to goin Malé. There are many top visitor locations. Here is a place called Mahal that used to be the residence of the Royal Dynasties and is now famous because of the Kings of Island. 

Best Time To Visit Maldives

Male has tropical monsoon weather with rains that come from time to time within the twelve months. The most beautiful thing about Male is its constant temperature. Major attractions at Male are The Grand Friday Mosque, Scuba diving, and snorkeling, Male Fish Market, Malé’s National Museum, Tsunami Monument, Dive Club Maldives, and Underwater Scooters. The fine locations to stay in Male are CentaraRasFushi Resort & Spa and the quite famous hotel called Octave. The best time to visit Maldives is during the months commencing from November and goes on till April. If you want to visit some adventurous place,then it is the right time to visit the Maldives.