Safety Features Your Rental Car Should Have

Renting a car is an activity that is done by people in their everyday life. People rent a car for going on vacations, long road tours, and even for Malaga airport transfer. When you rent a car, it becomes easy for you to travel. 

You need not have to worry about cleaning the car after a tour and there are no costs of maintenance. There are multiple benefits of renting a car and you can enjoy the benefits only when you consider the safety aspects that come with the vehicle that you rent.

Mandatory safety features that your rental car should have

You should always check these safety features before you drive away from the rental car:

Check the airbags – Airbags are bags of air that inflate when your car experiences a collision. It protects the travelers from the impact of the collision. In every modern car, airbags are a standard feature, however, you should check the number of airbags that your rental car has. Check the position of the bags, as they should be located at the front and side of the car.

While parking removes your valuables – Rental cars are the main targets of thieves, hence you should remove the valuables from the car when you park them. If you have big luggage and do not want to carry it with you, make sure you lock it properly and keep it inside the trunk. This will keep it hidden from the thieves.

Familiarize yourself with the car – Before you leave the parking lot with your rental car, you should familiarize yourself with the car. Check the windshield wipers, switch on the interior and signal lights, understand how to work the headlights, and make sure your car has washer fluid. This will keep you safe when you are caught in snow or rain. You should adjust the mirrors and the seat before you start driving.

A seatbelt is an important aspect, so do not forget to check if the rental car has a seat belt in it. Finally, before making a move, double-check the contract. The price that you are paying and the car that you were promised while reservation should match. You can even request a map for driving directions.