RV Rental Options With All the Setups Available Now

Recreational vehicles (RVs) exist in a wide range of shapes and sizes and may have specialised permits to operate legally.

We constantly get asked, “Do you need a special licence to drive an RV?” if we mention that we want to take a holiday using a recreational vehicle. A specific licence is not required in any of the 50 states for recreational vehicles (RVs) that weigh less than 26,000 pounds (the vast majority of RVs fall into this weight category). Recreational vehicles may be split into two groups: those that can be towed and those that must be driven. Also, they have their own subsets.

Motorized travel trailers are also often referred to as motorhomes.

The biggest recreational vehicles are Class A models, which are styled like school buses. It’s possible for them to be anywhere from 21 to 41 feet in length, and they might weigh anywhere from 7,000 to 20,000 pounds on average. Although Class A motorhomes typically provide the most living space among the different kinds of RVs,

Class B RVs, sometimes known as “camper vans,” are the most convenient to drive and park because of their compact size and easy maneuverability. There are fewer guest bedrooms and fewer high-end conveniences because of the hotel’s compact layout. This might be the case with factors like reduced bed sizes and kitchenettes rather than full-size refrigerators and stoves. A bathroom may just have a tub with running water and an outdoor shower, if any at all. Class B motorhomes are fantastic for lone travellers or couples, but they aren’t the best option for families or big groups of friends.

Most experts agree that Class C motorhomes are the best option for those looking to purchase their first RV. They are less complicated to drive than Class A cars while offering more space than Class B vehicles. No specific permits are required for driving these vehicles, which may be anywhere from 20 to 38 feet long and weigh anywhere from 10,000 to 12,000. Like driving a heavy truck, manoeuvring a Class C motor vehicle, which is often built on a truck chassis or van frame—involves making broad turns. For RV Rentals in Santa Barbara it works fine.

Mobile homes that can be towed

Towable RVs are pulled by a vehicle, SUV, or pickup truck, as the name suggests. Since the sleeping and driving areas are separated in a towable RV, you won’t have to pick between the two when on the road. Fifth wheels, folding trailers, toy haulers, and utility trailers are types of recreational vehicles that may be towed (RVs).

Due to their compact size and light weight, folding or pop-up trailers may be hauled by practically any vehicle, even SUVs and some vehicles. The canvas walls can be unfolded to provide extra room, which the campers may then use for sleeping, cooking, or simply hanging out. Although some possess these conveniences, the vast majority do not.


Fifth wheels can only be hitched to the rear of pickup trucks, which have specific hitches designed for the purpose. Since they are much heavier than standard travel trailers, they can only be pulled by vehicles with a high towing capacity. Fifth-wheels have the feel of a home thanks to their split-level floor plans. The kitchens in most fifth-wheels are quite roomy, with enough room for an island and full-size appliances.