Reasons Why Renting a Villa is Better Than a Hotel

When planning a holiday, booking a hotel is one thing most people are inclined to do. However, hotels have a lot of complications that put tourists off. Various people have begun renting private villas to avoid the discomfort of hotels. Some of the benefits of renting private villas instead of hotels including;

Better Monetary Value

Vilas give better value for money because they can be rented for longer periods and provide more amenities. They allow you access to kitchens, pools, and other properties of a home. This gives you more freedom to enjoy your holiday and tour the location.

When considering the price per person during a stay in a villa, it turns out to be much cheaper than a good hotel and quite affordable. Find and rent your dream villa on the island of St Barts with ease. 

You Can Bring Pets Along

Most hotels have a no-pet policy. However, in Vilas, you can bring your animal companions along and even give them the space they need to run around and be free. Some villas even provide pet accommodation and come readily equipped to cater to their needs.

Provides a Great Environment For a Large Family

For large families on vacation, a villa is an ideal place because it has more room and more space for all members of the family. The environment is also kid-friendly, so families don’t have to worry about their children disliking the space. For longer stays, villas can also be adapted to the needs of families with young children or older people. 

Amazing Aesthetics

The views from a villa are much better than a hotel. From seaside views to mountainsides. Villas offer private views that are always available. Which is different from hotels where mostly penthouse suites have extraordinary views. 


Villas offer a lot of space. They come equipped with large bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and even additional rooms and spaces. This gives more breathability and a chance for guests to do more without having to move around. 

They are better for large Reunions

Vilas is a much better space to hold friend and family reunions. This is because there is more room for people and guests can stay over without you needing to book additional rooms. Some villas come with pools and gardens which give guests options for their recreational activities. It also affords you the luxury of cooking for your guest rather than spending on catering services which would cost you more. 


One of the most important things about villas is the fact that they are private. When you rent one, space is yours and yours alone for the time you have rented it. Except you request for a maid or other staff, you have free reign over the space. No noise from rooms next door and no need to worry about a noisy couple in the room opposite. This affords you the luxury of working, sleeping, relaxing, and doing whatever you want without being bothered by other people. 

Villas come in several styles and offer a lot of services for you. The privacy and space allow couples with kids to relax knowing their kids are having fun on their vacations too. Villas are some of the most family-friendly accommodations for trips, this is why, when going on vacation, a villa is the best choice.{“mode”:”full”,”isActive”:false}