Planning a solo trip to Goa? Abide by these travel tips

Goa is considered to be one of the top travel destinations amidst the diverse subcontinent. Every person once in his or her lifetime has dreamt of going to this exotic state of India. And they have their own share of experiences when it comes to a Goa trip. With a perfect group of people, you can make your Goa tour a memorable one. But, here’s an idea. Why not this vacation, you do something more exciting? How about you take a solo trip to Goa? It might sound intimidating in the first place but just think about it once. You do not have to go to places as your friends or family suggest, you can take any kind of accommodation you want on this trip. Also, you can experience freedom to the fullest. Sounds cool, right? Well, it is.

Goa offers a plethora of scenic locations that can take your heart away. Dotted with sandy beaches, spice plantations and 17th Century Portuguese-style churches, this place presents a rich history and culture. Besides, it provides authentic Goan cuisine and thrilling water activities as well. So, if you are convinced enough, make your Indigo flight bookingand head to these most-loved beach destination of India. And if you are nervous, don’t be. Because here I am about to provide you with a few travel tips that will make your Goa solo trip a memorable one. So, just relax and unwind. 

Carry the essential documents

While you are travelling to Goa, make sure that you keep all your documents in one place. Your essential documents will include a driver’s license, hotel confirmation vouchers, visas and passport. Also, considering the new travel situations, you must carry the Covid vaccination certificates as well. In case you do not carry a printed form of these documents, make sure that you have a soft copy of all your important documents. On my solo trip to Goa, I had all my documents stored in a wallet. I also kept soft copies of these documents in the form of PDF. Thus, if you also plan a solo trip to Goa, remember to carry all your essential documents and keep soft copy versions of them, in case you lose the printed form.

Assess the weather conditions first

Like any other beach destination, Goa also offers the most welcoming climate during the winter months. The peak tourist season in Goa is between October and March, but if you want to avoid the crowds, you can also visit this place during November and February. When I visited Goa, solo, I availed a booking during the peak season to spend my Christmas holidays. Studded with lights and offering alluring discounts, Goa comes to its full glory during this time. Thus, I would suggest you plan your solo trip to this beautiful destination during the peak season.

Choose the right place to stay

Travelling solo is liberating at the same time confusing when it comes to booking accommodation. In my opinion, before travelling to the destination, you must book accommodation in advance so that you don’t have to face any problems regarding vacancies. When I was planning my solo trip to Goa, I browsed through the Intermiles site and booked myself a beach view room at a luxury hotel. Hence, if you also want to opt for a beach view room at a plush hotel or resort you should book your accommodation beforehand. Trust me, solo trips can be more relaxing if you have made your hotel bookings in advance.

Don’t carry too much cash

Whenever you are travelling to a new destination be it Goa or elsewhere, you must not carry too much cash on yourself. Rather you should take your debit or credit cards with you to make the payments where necessary. Following the recent regulations, many restaurants and stores have started accepting online payment processes. Thus, you can also install any of the online payment apps to make smart and easy transactions. Pickpockets and thefts are very common in popular Goa attractions. When I visited Palolem Beach in Goa, I lost a huge sum of cash. So, if you don’t want to face such a misfortune, then carry limited cash with yourself for your solo trip.

Know what you are eating

Goa is not only about amazing beaches and architectural sites, but it is also about the expansive food culture. If you are in Goa, then savouring the traditional Goan dishes is a must thing to do. However, if you are travelling solo, you should know the right places to have authentic Goan cuisines. The perks of travelling alone is that you don’t have to depend on anyone’s opinion while ordering food. You can choose anything from the menu. But, if you have a sensitive stomach, you better stay away from street food. I had some street food at Goa, from a local eatery and that cost me a hard time. Hence, on your solo trip to Goa make sure you know what you are eating. Also, it would be safer to opt for mineral water than regular water as that may make you fall sick.

So, if the party capital of India is already calling for you then don’t hesitate. Take a deep breath and make your solo trip happen Also, remember to abide by these tips so that you can ace up your Goa journey alone.