Official guide to organizing a party in a limousine: Is it a good choice?

Most of us Canadians are known for being partiers, looking for a way to celebrate and have meetings with friends or family. This can certainly be a lot of fun and at times unforgettable. We share a guide to planning an event and considering the expenses you will make. Cool right? But, before that, let us tell you why is celebrating your party (birthday party, ceremony, anniversary, bachelor party, success party, teenager’s party, etc) in a limousine would be an ideal choice?

Why rent a Limousine?

The tradition of more sophisticated events demands a spectacular attraction. Limousines are the cars most requested by the bride and groom, followed by debutantes and other diverse events. That’s because they are elegantly produced exclusively for special and unique events, which make the ceremony perfect. You certainly already imagined arriving at that mega party of yours leaving a beautiful limousine, being registered with the most beautiful photos. So, don’t miss this opportunity, and leave the sophistication to Toronto Wedding Limousine service.

Define the type or theme of the party

The party can be held to celebrate a commitment or an achievement, receive or say goodbye to a friend, gather family and friends on the occasion of a holiday, a wedding, etc. Being clear about the type of event will allow you to define the entire organization and answer the three following questions –

  • How many people will attend?
  • What kind of food and drink will I offer?
  • How will the invitations be made?

Make a guest list

Defining a number of guests is very relative. It can be a very selective event or you can invite a large number of people. It all depends on your budget and how well you organize yourself. Also take into account the ideal space for the party. Think about how everyone will be more comfortable and what your ability to serve them is. Will you need waiters? Can you afford food for that number of people? Also look for your guests to confirm their attendance. 

Choose the date, place and time

Plan ahead. A large event for more than 100 people may require organizing a year in advance. Instead in a small meeting, it is best to announce the event two weeks before. That way your guests will save the date and you can organize with time and more detail. When choosing the date, take care that it does not intersect with another event. The easiest and least expensive thing will be to organize the party at your home, although it can also be in a public place such as a park. 

Make a budget

To plan a party, think about everything that can generate an expense. In this way you will identify savings opportunities and calculate how much money you must have to carry out the event. It is best to limit the amount of alcohol to save money. A rule of thumb to purchase any service is that you never choose the first option. Planning a party is essential to avoid hasty decisions that drain your pocket.