Most Beautiful Mountain Sights to Tour in Italy

Mountains seem to be the most fascinating among all the natural wonders in different pockets on earth. One country that is lucky to have some of the world’s most beautiful mountains is Italy. This natural edifice which stands 1000ft above ground level, surprisingly accounts for 60-80% of the world’s fresh water. Geologists have also found that at least 40% of the world’s human and animal populations depend on mountain ecosystems to survive.

Italy, arguably Europe’s most visited country, is home to great mountains. These mountains, which attract lots of visitors annually, have been developed to be hot spots for relaxation, fun, and sports. Further in this article, we will highlight some of the top mountains in Italy to tour.

Apennine Mountains

One of the most persevered mountains in Europe, it houses some of the most endangered predators on the continent. The mountain’s rich forest makes it the perfect destination for tourists looking to connect with nature or escape the never-ending noise of machines. Tourists who enjoy hiking can also make use of the endless paths through the valleys to enrich their experience. The Apennine Mountains which is now known as the National Park of Abruzzo is open to everyone but it is advisable to go with a tour guide.

Mount Vesuvius

When you talk about exciting mountains in Italy, Mount Vesuvius stands out. The mountain, which is about 1700ft above ground level, is not only rich in nature but also rich in history. In 79 AD, it is believed that the volcanic eruption from Vesuvius led to the destruction of the Roman city of Pompeii and its people. Areas surrounding this mountain which can be viewed from the destroyed city of Pompeii were in 1995 declared a national park to give tourists the chance to visit. Vesuvio Express is one transport service that helps tourists through the mountain. To get directly to the summit of Vesuvius aboard the Vesuvio Express, you go early as there are usually lots of tourists.

Cortina d’Ampezzo

According to locals, Cortina d’Ampezzo is believed to be the heart of Italian dolomites. This is all thanks to the beautiful 3000ft Monte Cristallo that makes it one of the best valleys worldwide to tour. The valley is about 150 km long, which makes survey by foot pretty tricky, but with a short distance trek, you can capture the knife-edge nature of the mountain that makes it unique. At Cortina d’Ampezzo, you get to enjoy skiing as the mountain hosts some interesting skiing competitions, including the 1956 Olympic ski race. You also get to enjoy delicious cuisines from the locals that will live full and delighted.

Bottom Line

These listed mountains and valleys are just a few recommendations when it comes to exciting peaks to tour in Italy. Others include Monti Sibillini, Belluno Dolomites, and Lake Garda. As you visit these mountains, ensure you go with a fully charged camera to capture once in a lifetime experience. Come prepared with your hiking shoes to get the best experience.