Marbella: much more than sunny beaches

Visiting Marbella is not only enjoying one of the most popular tourist destinations on the entire Costa del Sol in Andalusia, but it is also giving yourself the opportunity to live with personalities from the international jet-set because this is also one of the destinations most exclusive in terms of holidays at an international level.

Its privileged climate, which is maintained at mild temperatures even in the winter months, together with its complete entertainment proposal that includes outdoor activities or a very lively nightlife, are completed with an atmosphere of refined luxuries and exclusivities that only Marbella can offer.

Getting to Marbella is quite simple, since from Malaga airport itself you can use the Malaga to Marbella transfer services to reach your destination in a simpler, faster and cheaper way.

This place where the best aspects of comfort, modernity and a rich cultural heritage that comes from being one of the oldest cities in the region are mixed gives this Andalusian community a unique vibe that any visitor will find difficult to match. anywhere else.

4 touristic places that are a must-see stop for all visitors

First of all we must remember that Marbella, like other coastal cities such as Benidorm (which is also in Spain), also depends largely on the tourist activity that takes place in it.

However, unlike the other city mentioned above, Marbella is directly intended to attract a public that seeks more exclusive and less massive experiences than those that could be found on other coasts, thus distinguishing itself even from other destinations within the Costa del Sol.

The Plaza de los Naranjos is one of those destinations that is quite within the reach of all types of visitors. Being part of the historic centre of Marbella, and built around the 1400s, it has now become an iconic stop that houses one of the oldest parish churches in all of Spain.

Calle Panteón in Marbella is another one of those mandatory stops for visitors looking to get in touch with the true spirit of the city while enjoying some of the best wines in its many bars and places to hang out.

A tour of the old part of the city cannot be completed without a visit to the Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engraving, where the extensive collection of works and exhibitions includes works by both more classical artists and other more contemporary and well-known artists such as Miró, Picasso and even Dali.

Another obligatory visit in the historic centre of the city is the Alcazaba of Marbella. Being one of the many remnants of Muslim influence in the city’s architecture, this ancient caliphal fortress dates to some date between the 10th and 11th centuries.