How To Make This Janmashtami More Special With Order Satvik Food on Train Online

Take advantage of pure and sattvic cuisine when traveling on Indian Railways during this current Janmashtami festival On the holy festival of Janmashtami, travelers and devotees on Indian Railways can now order Food On Train that is pure and sattvic meals by dialing the number 1323 or visiting Additionally, travelers can use the ZoopIndia mobile app to get this service. Hindus consider Janmashtami, which honors lord krishna’s birthday, to be a significant holiday. During this time, followers of the deity observe fast in order to get blessings from the krishna. In this regard, the national carrier has started serving a special sattvic  meal on the first day of the holiday.

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), the nation’s official caterer, has created a unique Janmashtami menu with dishes through the zoop app . It is now possible to purchase rail tickets for those who are fasting. Train passengers will be able to reserve their fasting thali on zoop.

What Can You Order During Janmashtami While Traveling?


Here is the list of some dishes that you can order on train while fasting.

During this auspicious holiday period that are created using sendha namak and don’t contain garlic or onions:

Fresh coconut, sabudana, and peanut-based Aloo Chaap

Crispy Sabudana Tikki served with creamy curd, deep-fried.

Paneer Makhmali, Sabudana Khichdi Navratri Thali, with Singhara Aloo Paratha, Aloo Chaap, Arbi Masala, and Sitaphal Kheer.

Thali with Kofta Curry, Sabudana Khichdi, Singhara Aloo Paratha, Arbi Masala, Aloo Chaap, and Sitaphal Kheer.

Paneer Makhmali, Singhara Aloo Paratha, and a Thali of Arbi Masala, Paneer Makhmali, and Parathas

Sabudana Khichdi, a dish cooked from sabudana and served with curd and tempered mustard seeds, green chilies, and toasted peanuts.

Sitaphal Kheer, a dessert prepared with cream, apple pulp, and fresh custard

There are more options that you can choose while ordering food for fast food.

So make your fasting easy while traveling with the zoop app.

‘Satvik’ Food At Nizamuddin Railway Station:

In a recently issued announcement, IRCTC claimed that travelers no longer need to be concerned about obtaining sattvic meals while traveling. Instead, they can use the IRCTC’s e-catering service to directly order it from Govinda’s Restaurant. This service has been launched by IRCTC for passengers boarding trains at or passing through Delhi’s Nizamuddin Railway Station. You may order everything through this service, including dim sums, noodles, and Maharaja thali and biryani.

IRCTC previously provided special sattvik vrat thali for the travelers observing vrat on-board during Chaitra Navratri in April 2022. This unique thali was made with sendha namak and didn’t have any garlic, onion, or other spices. Now with the zoop app passengers can enjoy satvik food during Janmashtami also. Now Food On Train serves this for the comfort of the passengers who fast during traveling. So order your sattvic food from the zoop app. So that you can enjoy food without any tension.

Steps To Order Sattvic Food Through Zoop:


Zoop is the first app to be connected to IRCTC and is also the most dependable and secure. Users of this app can order a variety of meals for consumption while traveling. More than 80 cities have it in operation. It has restaurants with FSSAI certification. You receive hygienic and customized food as a result. Using this app, you can easily order meals online for delivery while riding the train.

You have to start the app.

You must provide your ten-digit PNR, train, or seat number.

Select the train station from the list where you want your food delivered

After deciding on the restaurant, choose your favorite satvik dish from the menu.

They will show up on the checkout page, where you can choose between online payment and cash on delivery.

A confirmation message will then be delivered to the registered mobile number you supplied.

That’s it; your order has been successfully placed. Relax as you wait for your order.

Satvik Food Concerns Are Allayed During Rail Travel:

Satvik food will no longer be a concern for rail travelers. At the Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station, rail travelers can use the e-catering service to order satvik food on train from the Govinda restaurant for their journey. This service was introduced by Zoop partnered with  IRCTC with consideration for religious views. Ascon Temple, who is from Delhi, founded and runs the Govinda restaurant. The passengers will be served a variety of meals from Satvik food, such as Deluxe Thali, Maharaja Thali, Old Delhi Veg Biryani, Veg Dimsum, Paneer Dim Sum, Wok Toss Noodles, and Dal Makhani.

Rail travelers can order Sattvic cuisine through the Spicy Wagon Food Aggregator at the ISKCON Temple, the Zoop e-catering website or through the official zoop app at Hazrat Nizamuddin station. Satvik food can also be prepared at the Govinda restaurant in Delhi. By using the 1323 phone line, rail travelers can also make food reservations. Rail travelers must make a reservation for Satvik food delivery at least two hours before departure using a valid PNR number. The payment can be made in advance or at the time of delivery by the passengers. Direct delivery of Satvik food to the passenger’s seat berth is available.

So make your janmashtami more special while traveling on the train. And continuing your fast with a zoopindian app or website. Now no worry during fast you just need to follow a few steps.