How to Determine Which Restaurant Reservation App is the Best?

There are numerous restaurant reservation apps you will find while searching through  Google. However, some of the most popular apps are the Eat App, TableIn, Open Table, Resy, Eveve, Yelp which may be very helpful and useful to find restaurants like Menu Barbados in the contemporary period to choose for your purpose. In order to understand the apps and their feature study one of the apps and then compare with other apps which can further help you determine which app to choose for your purpose.

Let’s take theEat App which is a cloud-based app designed for use in multiple internet-enabled devices such as desktops, laptops, smartphones, iPods etc. The Eat App comprises guest database and CRM along with powerful table management. These features help to reduce mistakes and to improve day to day operations and enhancing revenue.

The Eat App provides you with opportunities to setup your floor plan directly and control size of the party and the availability online. You can also install widget free of cost in Eat App which shows instant table availability for the customers eventually to book directly from the website or through the social media accounts.

You may not need other expensive software if you choose the Eat App which is easy and simple for pricing structure. The Eat App also offers diner demand network which is crucial for marketing restaurants along with establishing a link to your TripAdvisor details to the reservation system and can link with the feature of “Reserve with Google” functionality. This is how the Eat App widens the network and connect with the customers in their favourite platforms remarkably increasing your visibility.

The Eat App also helps in shift management, hold of credit card for reducing no shows, Android and IOS manager apps for management in on-the-fly, and cross-restaurant data sync in the case of several branches or group operations. In addition to this, you can take your digital marketing to the next level by the customer data analysis such as spend per customer, per customer itemised menu, voided tickets etc. by POS integration through Eat App.

The pricing of Eat App is comparatively simple with POS integration such as around $ 199 per month for complete management system, and $ 209 for table management system with POS integration. You can go for $199 tier for a complete integrated and table management system or if you wish to track the revenue from the customers in your reservation system which a be integrated into POS with $209 which is normally charged with an extra cost in other restaurant reservation apps.