How does annual travel insurance work in Singapore?

Annual travel insurance policies in Singapore provide year-long coverage. When choosing an annual insurance plan, you need to think about how much coverage it can provide for pre-existing medical conditions, flight cancellations and delays, and other situations. Once you figure out what you require, you will be able to select an annual travel insurance plan. However, before you do that, we are going to tell you how does annual travel insurance work in Singapore.

Why is it essential to take an annual travel insurance policy in Singapore?

It is essential to take an annual travel insurance policy in Singapore as it provides you with a certain degree of security. They are comparatively cheap, and you can get benefits out of them while you experience events that are not in your control. Some of the advantages that you can avail of when you have annual travel insurance in Singapore are as follows.

  • Protection of belongings

An annual travel insurance policy in Singapore secures your belongings. So, even if you end up damaging or losing any of your valuable items like- luggages, money, and documents, your travel insurance will offer you protection.

  • Safeguard during natural disasters

Are you going on a trip to a place that is infamous for its natural disasters, such as floods, tsunamis, and earthquakes? If so, then you must consider getting an annual travel insurance policy that provides coverage for natural disasters and has  hospital income insurance Signapore. It will protect you in case you face grievous injuries due to any natural disasters.

  • Flight cancellation or delay

Your flight may experience a delay or cancellation due to conditions like poor weather. If this happens to you, you will be required to make some arrangements at the last minute for your accommodation. For this, you will have to spend a certain amount of money. Annual travel insurance plans help cover such costs.

  • Coverage of medical expenses

The same as checking the  list of car insurance promotion in Singapore, you need also to consider the medical insurance in Singapore. However, in case you do not have health insurance, you may end up spending all your money on medical bills that can be costly. So, if you are planning to travel overseas, you must avail yourself of an annual travel insurance plan. These plans offer coverage for your medical expenses in case of unforeseeable situations; thus, you will not have to pay high costs in places that are expensive.

The Importance of Annual Travel Insurance

For understanding the importance of an annual travel insurance plan, you need to first know the reasons for choosing such a plan. We have listed some of these reasons below for your convenience.

  • When a trip lasts for more than ninety days

Annual travel insurance plans provide you with coverage that lasts for around ninety days. So, on the 91st day of your trip, you will not be able to make any claims on your annual travel insurance. But, your ninety-day annual travel insurance policy automatically resets when you go to Singapore.

  • When you take several trips each year

You get a twelve-month period coverage when you opt for an annual travel insurance plan. Hence, if you go on more than one trip every year, it is best for you to choose the annual travel insurance plan in Singapore. In case of any unfortunate events, this plan will save you a significant amount of money.

  • When you go on a trip at a short notice

Your work may demand you to make frequent trips on short notice. If you want to avoid any unexpected expenses, you can look for the best annual travel insurance plans in Singapore. With these, you can be safe from costly expenditures at all times.

  • When you go to different places

The cost of an annual insurance plan depends on the location that you are travelling to. For each location, you will require a single annual insurance plan. But, instead of paying for multiple such plans, it is better to get a single plan with global coverage for all locations.

Selecting the best annual travel insurance plan

  • Emergency and medical coverage

When you are travelling to a foreign country, you need to get yourself an annual travel insurance plan. It will cover all the expensive healthcare costs.

  • Travel issues

Annual travel insurance plans provide you with a wide range of coverage so as to eliminate any problems that you may face while travelling.

  • Upper tier versus basic

You can try both the basic and upper tier annual travel insurance plans to find the most affordable options and coverage benefits.


Annual travel insurance plans will help you protect your money during different unforeseeable situations. So, you can select annual travel insurance plans as per your needs and the coverage it provides.