How and When Vacation Rentals Start and Flourished?

The vacation rental has already grown into a profitable and well-established industry across the world and the business is growing steadily. The travellers and vacationers have changed their direction from hotels to numerous vacation rentals such as Hualalai Vacation Rentals resulting in enormous growth in the vacation rental business. However, though almost everybody knows about vacation rentals very few maybe knowing how and when the vacation rentals started and how the vacation rentals reached to the contemporary situation when millions of online guests are ready for booking the vacation rentals round the clock around the year.

The first recorded vacation home was the Palais de Versailles in 1624 which was built as a hunting building or lodge by Louis XIII. But prior to that, the Apostolic palace of Castle Gandolfo in Italy was constructed in the 1600s which was used as a vacation home for the Pope for centuries. Eventually, a new trend started in Europe in the 1800s when people asked their friends to use their vacation homes. However, these requests were done through snail mail and it took months to get a response from their friends on the requests. In the process, large families started to invest in vacation homes by sharing their homes during the seasons and thus the vacation rentals evolved.

In the year 1837, there came a turning point in the journey of vacation rental when the telegraph was invented. The telegraph made the requests for vacation homes faster and easier and made the vacation rental flourish full fledge. By the 1950s the vacation rental started appearing in the US with various vacation rental listing in the local newspapers. Ultimately, the VRMA or the Vacation Rental Management Association was founded in the year 1985 and in the same year VRBO or the Vacation Rentals by Owners was founded with just one listing of property in Breckenridge-Colorado.