Here Are the Benefits of Staycation with the Travvy Awards Winners: ATELIER • ESTUDIO Playa Mujeres

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the trend for vacations. Many people or families end up choosing a staycation (stay vacation/spending time at a hotel or resort) as a way to vacation.

Yes, spending time at a hotel or resort with family can indeed relieve fatigue. Besides being able to save more, the hotel is designed to focus on resting while enjoying the existing facilities.

Well, here are 4 benefits of a staycation at a hotel with your family that you must know. Come on, take the family to stay vacation outside the house once in a while!

Building a Romantic Atmosphere

For those of you who are still living together, a study reveals that doing something different can increase household romance. Boredom due to each other’s routines can be dissipated with out-of-the-ordinary activities such as staycations. You can also make an agreement with your partner to schedule a staycation on a regular basis.

Not only is it refreshing, but staycation also has many benefits. By exploring tourist attractions around the hotel or inn will make family relationships closer. Indeed if you stay at Cancun Boutique Hotel it is one of unexpected pleasure and familiar comfort. This is Cancun from a fresh new perspective, one of the best places in the world to live, work and enjoy life. Leo Cancún Playa is a pet-friendly boutique resort the place you can remain with your four-legged furry buddy and have a superb holiday together. At Oleo Cancun Playa, food and drink are included in four restaurants.

Break from Home Habits

Often tired of cleaning the house? When bored with home routines such as cleaning the room, living room, and washing dirty dishes, leave the habit for a moment by staying at a hotel. When not doing these things, quality time with family will be looser. Wanting Me time at the hotel is also an interesting choice. You can spend time reading books, streaming, and chill or doing other productive activities. As lengthy as it is positive, simply do it!

New atmosphere

Staying in a new place feels like a different atmosphere than at home. Enjoying at least 3 days 2 nights is enough at your favorite hotel or inn, so it’s something you should try.

Often hotels also provide facilities that do not exist at home. Such as swimming pools, spas, and others. Especially if you already have a baby, such as swimming pool facilities or a ball bath, this is your little one’s favorite spot. As soon as they saw the pool, the kiddos couldn’t wait to play in the water.

Getting together with family or closest friends can be as easy as sitting next to a hotel room and doing activities together for a few days. You can also rent one from the Best All Inclusive Resort in Mexico and enjoy the new atmosphere.

Want a staycation in Mexico? Very fitting! Staying at ATELIER de Hoteles and its collection of luxury resorts provides clients with a unique experience. Playa Mujeres Spas, located on a pristine white sand beach on Mexico’s Riviera Maya, welcomes guests focused on health and well-being to experience a complete vacation focused on mind, body, and spirit. The ATELIER · ESTUDIO Playa Mujeres resort, positioned in the current vicinity of ​​Cancun, includes the most fascinating alternatives in the Mexican Caribbean for the luxurious segment. They provide, in addition to lovely views, incredible Handmade Hospitality services, and the Ambient Technology concept, the two major pillars of ATELIER de Hoteles.

ATELIER Playa Mujeres and ESTUDIÓ Playa Mujeres, have received the “silver award” for “Best Mexican Luxury Hotel/Resort” and Atelier de Hoteles have received the “Bronze Award” for Best Hotel Chain – All-Inclusive in the seventh version of the Travvy Awards for 2021.