Have the best Desert Safari experience in Dubai: A Guide

So you’re planning on booking a trip to Dubai (or maybe you already are in Dubai) and wondering whether to go on a desert safari, how much it would cost, what does it include and is it REALLY worth it? Well, we’ll try to answer all the desert safari related questions you might have so that you can have the best vacation and enjoy Dubai to the fullest in the most affordable prices.

Firstly, there are numerous companies running desert safari tours in Dubai and your experience with each one may not be the same concerning activities, pricing and having a pleasant experience overall. We’ve separated the wheat from the chaff for you and following are some reliable and appropriately-priced desert safari tour companies that you should definitely check out:

  • City Smart Tourism
  • Arabian Adventures
  • AHA Tourism
  • Go Dubai Desert Safari

All of the above-mentioned desert safari tours are guaranteed to provide you with an unforgettable and adventurous, yet luxurious experience in the magical red dunes of Dubai.

There are 3 types of desert safari tours generally: Morning tour, evening tour, and an overnight tour. While any time is good to enjoy a desert safari, evening time is the best desert safari experience as you get to witness the sunset over the red dunes in all its glory.

There are a few different packages and deals in evening desert safari. You can travel on a bus to the destination, or a 4×4 can pick you up from your residence/hotel if you want to travel in luxury.


  • Dune-bashing: As you drive away from the Dubai metropolis towards the red sand dunes, you will experience a sense of wonder and awe immediately. This sense of awe will only get more intense when you experience dune-bashing as the 4×4 will make you ride, and drift along the mammoth sand ‘waves’. This activity is highly-recommended for adrenalin junkies and don’t worry, it’s totally safe!

  • A truly wondrous sunset: After dune-bashing, brace yourself to experience arguably the best view of your life as the sun sets over the red sand dunes and paints the sky in amazing hues of crimson, orange and red. A perfect place to take amazing pictures of yourself and your loved ones in front of the picturesque landscape.
  • Camel riding, quad biking, sandboarding: Some other treats for thrill-seekers are camel riding, quad biking over the sand dunes and also sandboarding. An integral part of the experience of Dubai is trying out things you won’t be able to try out in most other parts of the world and you shouldn’t miss out on these fun-filled activities.
  • Refreshments: To satiate your bellies after all the dune-bashing and sandboardingetc, you can visit a luxurious Bedouin-style tent and munch on treats like Pakoras, crisps, and more while enjoying even more treats that lie ahead. After refreshments, you can lay back and sip green tea or smoke Hookah at the Hubbly Bubbly lounge.
  • Belly dance, Tanura show, Fireshow: Highlight your evening by watching scintillating shows by belly dancers, Tanura dancers, and Fireshowmen under the beautiful night sky, with Arabian music in the background. Trust us, these shows are something you’ll remember always.
  • Arabian BBQ: The evening isn’t over yet as you will be treated to scrumptious Middle-Eastern dishes with many options available for both non-vegetarian and vegetarian tourists that are sure to make your mouth water.
  • Other attractions: Women can get intricate henna designs as well as traditional shawls, accessories, etc as souvenirs. Also, separate washrooms are available for males and females.

Important stuff to bring with you:

  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Spare shirt and trousers
  • Spare sandals
  • Towels

For any tourist coming to Dubai, experiencing the awe of the evening desert safari is a MUST. Be sure to bring the above-mentioned stuff with you so you can fully enjoy the Best Desert Safari Dubai experience in luxury and make some unforgettable memories with your loved ones in the middle of the majestic red dunes of Dubai.