Get a Fun Experience in Waterbom Bali, Top Asia’s Water Park

Waterbom Bali was opened in 1993. It has since grown to the waterpark it’s today, with a thrilling selection of slides and swimming pools set amongst beautiful gardens, into Bali’s most popular attraction.

Waterbom Bali History

In 1993 Waterbom Bali was made by Santo Gulino with a unique vision; to reevaluate the idea of a water park. His vision included establishing a new, higher benchmark for responsibility, safety and service than Bali had noticed. Santo insisted that their food be class and their conveniences how they could produce, and wanted to make an experience which was enjoyable on each level.

According to Santo opinion, Waterbom is not only a water park, but it’s also a retreat place for family or folks who have worked tirelessly to enjoy the surroundings of Bali. The park is in many ways, a pioneer in environmental practices and a labour of love. Its employees and owners recognise the enormous drain a water park may get on warm water resources and also have worked to ensure they do what they can to instruct their community and also to reduce their footprint.

Fun Experience in Waterbom Bali

In Waterbom Bali, you can use a thrilling selection of slides and swimming pools set amongst beautiful gardens. But, that’s just one of the matters. Waterbom it’s not an only water park for a child, it also appeals to all ages. It provides a selection of activities from massage to a range of restaurants, swim-up bars, underwater soundtracks and food. Rides such as the Lazy River to some high-speed thrills. The playground is a great location such as teens and young adults who love spills and fun with friends, and everyone who enjoys a day of sunshine, beautiful gardens, for families and cooling off at pristine pools.

For those seeking to party, Waterbom periodically hosts after-hours parties at the park. Sol Sessions revealed a significant hit, drawing to listen from across the Earth, including the legendary DJ Premiere. This season more parties are planned, so check their site for updates. A park in Waterbom Bali is a beautiful place for all kinds of occasions, from kid’s parties, into elegant wedding receptions and events to cocktail parties. It is one of the many well-known areas for team building events of the island.

Unique Things about Waterbom Bali

Why is Bali Waterbom special is that we have watched it evolve over the years, and look how much attention and love went into building the park while assuming social and ecological responsibility. Apart from that, it is a good deal of fun. Whether you wish to take it easy, you’re there for the thrills.

Back in November 2018, Waterbom Bali unveiled Balancing the Waters, a documentary they were working on for the last year to emphasise the dwindling water resources in Bali. Waterbom Bali composts all of their organic waste, has done away with single-use plastic products nearly entirely, and have recently installed solar panels in the playground along with sponsors local jobs working to combat Bali’s mounting waste difficulties.

Waterbom Bali has not only been a source of endless fun for a large number of guests but has served as an inspiration. They are not only pioneers in the water park business but have set a new standard for environmental responsibility that has taken many ways too much time to emulate. Ride some slides, and then you owe it to yourself to take a day, eat some good food, and love yourself in Waterbom if you are in Bali

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