Experience Absolute Relaxation on a Family Trip to Maldives

If your idea of an exotic tropical vacation involves staying at luxurious villas set among picture-perfect landscapes while spending cozy evenings sipping cocktail by the beach, a trip to Maldives is what you need. Comprised of 1,190 coral islands and 26 atolls, the archipelago is home to nearly 400 luxury resorts spread across secluded islands in the Indian Ocean. Maldives is a favorite haunt among celebrities, as the resorts offer privacy like no other destination on Earth.

You do not have to be famous to plan a trip to Maldives. You just need proper knowledge and a reliable travel partner to help you plan the ideal itinerary. OV Holidays is a luxury destination management company specialized in drafting custom vacations to Maldives and Seychelles. For Maldives best offers on accommodation and all-inclusive packages. Exploring Maldives in-depth can be an expensive affair since public transportation between local and private islands are fat-fetched. Hence, it makes sense to plan ahead in order to avoid last-minute reservations at inflated prices.

Best Time to Visit

Maldives being a tropical nation, experiences warm humid weather throughout year expect for the monsoon months. During the summer it can get extremely sultry. As a result, the peak tourist season is between November and March when mercury levels dip and the humidity is low.

Popular Attractions in Maldives

The capital city of Male is the hub of activity and remains busy throughout the year. Male is connected with every major local island with an extensive network of ferries that act as the local bus and taxi service. If you have checked into a private island resort, most have their own airport transfer that can be included with accommodation. Make sure to check with your travel partner before finalizing the deal.

Maldives being a Muslim nation has numerous magnificent mosques, the Grand Friday Mosque in Male being a popular draw among tourists. The famous Mulee Aage Palace is also quite popular with tourist. This colonial-style mansion currently serves as the office of the President, but is open for public viewing throughout the week.

Exploring the Local Cuisine

If you do not mind experimenting with food, we recommend experiencing the local cuisine served on Maldives’ native islands. Garudiya is a popular breakfast dish in the country. It is a spicy fish soup prepared meticulously to preserve the distinct flavor of the local herbs. Next in line is theluli mas, which is usually spicy fried tuna. A staple on most Maldivian islands, theluli mas is prepared by marinating the fish in an eclectic mix of spices including red chili, lemon and a variety of other spices.

Fihuna mas is a type of grilled Maldivian fish preparation that is quite popular with tourists. While tuna is the usual choice, smaller islands may sometimes serve varieties of reef fish. The fish is filleted and marinated with spices and a thick paste made of garlic, onion, dried chili, and cumin powder, and then grilled on both sides. Moving on to dessert, dhonkeyu kajuru is a fried banana cake cooked with coconut cream and ripe bananas. It is the most popular dessert in Maldives.


The Male International Airport connects Maldives to the rest of the world with regular flights from China, India, Sri Lanka, and Dubai. There are no direct cruises to the country as navigating around the coral reefs can get hazardous at times. A few private operators offer water transportation, but the service is irregular. Every island is within 90 minutes from the international airport via the aerial route. However, the journey can be quite expensive depending on the distance between your boarding point and destination. Every local island is connected by a network of public ferries and speedboats. Water transportation is an economic alternative in Maldives, albeit slower.