Essential Caravan Accessories You Must Have

A motorhome is an independent and purpose-designed recreational vehicle. Their base is usually built using a truck or bus chassis along with a specially designed body attached. Most motorhomes come with a kitchen and bathroom and other comforts.

A campervan is a van that has been customised to use as a recreational vehicle. Most of them do not have luxuries like toilets and showers.

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The essential caravan accessories

Buying a new caravan is similar to a fully furnished home. You have the beds, kitchen, and eating areas but there are still lots of essential accessories that are needed to complete your caravan tour.

Water containers

Water containers are a must so buy a jerry can or plastic drum container that can be rolled over.

Waste container

Plastic containers are needed for all the waste which is then dragged along to a drain point and poured out. Invest in the drainage pipe, which connects to the bathroom and the kitchen for draining out the waste in the container and then into the drain.

Towing mirrors

Attach them to the existing wing mirrors as it gives you better width to see the sides of your caravan.


A basic toolkit is essential, which should contain a wrench, a hard mallet, a screwdriver, a small crowbar, and socket sets.

First aid kit

Keeping a handy first aid kit is essential and everyone should know where it is.

Caravan steps

You wouldn’t want to sprain your ankle each time jumping down or climb up into your caravan. So, buy a sturdy two-step ladder.

Electricity cable

You would want to spend more time inside your caravan so buy a 25-meter electric extension cable so that you don’t have to sit in dark inside your vehicle.

Fire extinguisher

Keep a dry powder fire extinguisher that can handle minor fire issues with cooking gas, petrol, and diesel.

Hitch lock

A hitch lock prevents your caravan from being towed away easily. Using it with an axle lock ensures peace of mind that your caravan is securely locked.

Camel’s feet

These are plastic pads that make your caravan more stable while parked on the grass as it redistributes the weight.

Leisure battery

Keep a caravan leisure battery of 70ah that is available for £60 and a 115ah battery for £90.


Buy an ordinary cutlery set, a fork, and a spoon as basic utensils. Avoid buying crockery that is heavy and breaks off.

Sleeping bags

Whether you choose duvets or sleeping bags, try to avoid using them for outdoor use. You will have an awful night’s sleep if they get wet.

Consider buying all these essential accessories for a pleasurable and peaceful caravan tour.