If you’re looking for an outdoor sport that offers ultimate fun, then longboarding is the perfect sport for you. Longboarding, however, requires that you invest in the right longboard for unmatched fun and safety. As a result, you want a longboard that delivers a stylish design, pure quality, and safe components. The Dokido longboard offers just that.

The three-wheeled longboard features a fantastic wooden finish and a clear tape on the top. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it utilizes the exceptional Saucerang System to propel the board forward. The best thing about this board is that it has been crafted by the best artisans with the greatest attention to detail. The board is a great alternative to conventional boards that require one to push their feet on the ground to propel the board forward.
Whether you’re a beginner or a pro in longboarding, you’ll find it extremely easy to ride this board. You just need to sway on the board forward and back continuously to keep going.  You’ll love the Dokido longboard for its high maneuverability and decent stability. It’s a great workout board and an alternative transportation machine. 

This longboard is made out of 8 layers of sustainably harvested bamboo, which is much lighter while ensuring the sturdiness of the product. Its stability and sturdiness give beginners immense confidence as they ride. 

The deck is 47.25 inches long, 10.25 inches wide, well balanced, and wide enough to give you ample space to balance yourself when starting off.  The layers of bamboo combined with one layer of carbon fiber and grip tape ensure there is a good grip when you’re swaying to propel the board. Its weight shifting design allows for much easier pushing and helps to improve stability.2


  • The Dokido is a versatile board that comes in handy when you want to workout, commute to work, or just have fun. Besides, it’s a board for just about anyone as it does not require any experience to ride.
  • The board features a classic shape that helps riders to avoid wheel bite. 
  • The board delivers ultimate safety as it keeps still when you’re not rocking to move forward. 
  • All the components of the Dokido longboard- bearings, wheels, shafts, trucks, and bumpers are made of premium quality materials to guarantee durability and safety. Moreover, you don’t have to replace the parts much often. 
  • It’s light and portable, making it easy to store and an ideal commuter longboard. Besides, it’s easy and comfortable to carry around, unlike many longboards in the market.  
  • It’s a high-performance longboard that comes from sustainable, eco-friendly material. It’s an excellent choice for the environment.  
  • Strong, sturdy, and durable to serve you for many years.



The Dokido longboard is a great board that radiates excellence and offers everything you are looking for in a longboard. It’s sturdy construction; safety components; ease-of-use; and functionality all make this longboard a timeless classic. For a safe and adventurous ride, The Dokido is undoubtedly the best bet.