Do You Want to Learn Flying A Light-Sport Aircraft?

Learning to fly any light sport aircraft can be very exciting and there are a few Simulator Flight Training morris county nj providers available in the country where you can learn this skill. Finding any right kind of training provider for airplane and flight training can make a lot of difference to ensure your enjoyment of this pursuit.

In the USA, all the light sport aircraft are available under a few different categories. Most of them come under the airplane, but there are a few seaplanes that also come under this category.

Within this airplane category, these airplanes are either factory-built, where a special airworthiness certificate is provided. To obtain a useful reference for various aircraft, it is essential to get some information from the website of Flight Literacy.

For quite a long time, the US did not have any class of aircraft that could be considered in between ultra-light aircraft and regular aircraft. At last, in the year 2004, the FAA came out with their new regulations to bring Light-Sport Aircraft and also the Sport Pilot into existence.

Unlike ultralights, the FAA now considers both Light-Sport Aircraft and regular airplanes under the same category for pilot training, which means that now you can train and also record your flight time to obtain any license similar to a regular airplane.

Of all the airplanes that are flown, usually light sport aircraft will be extremely unique, which is a bundle of fun.

Many people are often surprised to know that you can also train for the private pilot’s certificate by using a light-sport aircraft too. Most amateur pilots complete their training in this way.

During most of the part of your flight training, you may fly either a Tecnam P92 Eaglet or Tecnam P2002 Sierra. While your training school may have both Tecnams and Cessna 172s.

However, it is better to choose the LSA because it will be slightly less expensive for your training. The only LSA aircraft that you will get the opportunity to fly will be Tecnams. So, we will discuss only the experience that you may get by flying Tecnams.

During the training, while using an LSA to obtain your private flying certificate, you will be able to notice various pros and cons about the training. However, overall you will get a great experience of flying the LSAs during your training at the school.

All the aircraft, that you will fly will appear to be very new, perfectly clean, and well maintained to operate by using the latest engines and also the latest state of art electronic technology. The Cessna 172s, on the contrary, also use the same technology, but that was prevalent almost more than 40 years ago.


  1. Both the Eaglet and Tecnam Sierra are modern and sleek, having a partial glass cockpit.
  2. They are very light and nimble.
  3. Each aircraft has 2 seats, having a stick configuration.
  4. The engine needs no priming and has no carburetor heat.
  5. It is much less complex as compared to the engines of older Cessna Lycoming.


  1. The lighter weight of LSA can be a hindrance
  2. Crosswind performance is not too great
  3. Many automation used in newer LSAs can lower basic pilot skills and knowledge.