DIY Guide to Planning the Ideal Maldives Travel Itinerary

When we think about Maldives the first picture that comes to mind is luxurious overwater bungalows overlooking vast stretches of palm-lined white sand beaches surrounded by clear azure water.Located towards the Southwest of India on theIndian Ocean, Maldives is a tropical archipelago consisting of nearly 1,200 coral islands and 26 atolls, out of which barely 200 are inhabited.

Every resort in the country is built on private islands with no dearth of luxury. If you plan on visiting Maldives for the first timein your life,here are a few things that will help you design the perfect itinerary.

What is the Climate Like?

Maldives is hot and sultry around the year,with the average temperature staying between 28 and 32 degrees Celsius. The peak tourist season here is between the months of December and April with February-March being the busiest. The winter months record the least amount of rainfall, although occasional showers are common.

The tropical climate makes weather prediction difficult,even more during transition.While the dry season witnesses more rainfall, the wet season becomes drier. Since the Maldivian islands stretch over 800 kms near the Equator,weather patterns vary slightly from one island to the next.While the northern atolls generally receive more sunlight, the central islands are prone to additional rainfall.

Traveling to Maldives

Most Maldives luxury resorts are located on private islands far from civilization. The cheapest way to reach some of these islands is on public ferries. However, most resorts arrange for airport transfer on prior request. Speedboats are the most reliable modes of transportation between the Northern islands. Resorts in the central atolls are further away and seaplanes are the easiest mode of communication. If you have booked a hotel on Laamu Atoll, there is a domestic flight available from the airport.While the Northern islands are within 15 and 60-minutes from Male by boat, the central atolls take 20 – 60-minutes to reach by air.

Apart from the breathtaking views of the ocean, Maldives is ideal for snorkeling, scuba diving and surfing. If you are not into adventure activities, sunbathing on the beach is a popular way to spend the day. First-timers are encouraged to explore some of the uninhabited islands or visit nearby private islands on day-long excursions. For an authentic Maldivian travel experience, check out the custom experiences offered by OVHolidays.