Crab Island – What to Know About Destin’s Top Vacation Destination

Those who love coastal living have many options to enjoy their passion in life to the fullest. One such option is visiting Crab Island in Destin. It is listed as one of the most visited attractions around the globe, and also takes pride in getting featured in many media outlets worldwide. 

Crab Island 

Even though the name is Crab Island, this place is not exactly an island. It used to be an island before, but erosion from high tides resulted in making the island an underwater sandbar. Now the place serves as harbor for boats and also for the yacht and cruises of the tourists who wish to put down the anchor and spend some time under the sun while floating on the seawater. 

The water that flow to Crab Island is from the Gulf of Mexico, Destin Harbor, and East Pass. The best way to reach the place is with the help of paddleboards, family boats, kayaks, and other such options. 

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Tips to Enjoy in Crab Island 

Here are some of the tips that can help you with making the fullest of your trip to Crab Island. 

Central Club of Activity is a NO ZONE 

Do you prefer a calm and quiet environment when in Crab Island? If yes, then you should steer clear of the activities that are happening in the Central Club area. People belonging to all ages crowd in this clubbing zone and tend to lose them while having the best time of their lives. Hence, it is suggested to keep distance from such areas. 

If you take your boat towards the area where you can find multiple boats docked next to one another, then it is best to take a U-turn and move towards another area where you can enjoy a peaceful environment. The right place to enjoy with families in Crab Island is the surrounding regions of the Coast Guard station. 

Never Leave the Harbor without Life Vests 

Crab Island is not like regular islands where you can find land surrounded by water. It is completely submerged inside the water up to certain feet and you can enjoy your time in the seawater, just like in a shallow swimming pool. Hence, the only way to enjoy beach water to the fullest is by wearing a life vest all the time. 

Pontoon Boat – an Ideal Option to Maximize the Fun Factor 

Chartering a pontoon boat is the best and most suggested way of having the time of your life, when in Crab Island. This is the best way of not only reaching Crab Island but also to enjoy some family time with your dear ones, when on the boat. You can even charter the boat on your own or can take help from an experienced boat captain to take you from and to the Destin harbor. 

High Tide Visit is Best Suggested 

You cannot decide the right time to visit Crab Island because the island is worth visiting throughout the year. However, the best and most suggested time of the year that makes the island more beautiful is the months during the high tide. You can enjoy watching the emerald seawater along with the clear view of the inner lying aquatic life during the high tide months. 

Enjoy Delicious Food of the Floating Food Vendors 

You will find many floating restaurants and food vendors nearby the Crab Island Destin Florida. All you have to do is carry some cash with you while traveling towards the crab island and enjoy tasting some delicious delicacies prepared in these floating food restaurants. 

Fun Activities to Enjoy in the Crab Island 

You can enjoy many kinds of dun activities, when on Crab Island. Some of such options include snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking, aquatic life viewing of stingrays, sea turtles, dolphins, crabs, jellyfishes, and so on. 

What to Carry with You? 

While planning a trip to Crab Island, you should not forget to add some important things with you such as sunglasses, hats, seaside umbrellas, sunscreen, cover-ups, and beach bags to carry all your belongings. Destin experiences both the warm coastal breeze and lots of sunshine, and hence plan your packing accordingly. 

What Else to do in the Crab Island 

Apart from the beaches, many things can get your vacationer radar excited when in Crab Island. They are listed below. 

  • Track Destin – The track for enjoying the go-kart rides with your dear ones. You can enjoy many kinds of karts such as bumper rides, kiddie rides, and thrills. 
  • Big Kahuna Adventure Water Park – This water park is a floating water park with slides, rides, and even pools for the children to enjoy their time in the park to the fullest. 
  • Golf Courses – Are you done with the beaches and water games and are looking for a way to enjoy your remaining days in Destin without getting wet? If yes, then you can enjoy playing some golf in the nearby golf courses. You can get access to semi-private, private, or even public golf courses. 

The Crab Island in Destin is one of the most visited water destinations around the globe. The sandbar is not too deep and not too shallow and is of the right depth for you to enjoy your time to the fullest. You can look for vacation rentals, condos, cottages, hotel rooms, etc., and other such accommodation facilities and hire one that works the best for you. 

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