Coming to Menorca? Check Out The Best Places to Stay!

Without a doubt, Menorca is one of those places that is always worth enjoying at any time of the year, but it is in the summer when this small Balearic island shines the brightest, even above its better-known sisters, in terms of enjoying its amenities and what it really means to have a restful and relaxing vacation.

And it is that, contrary to what happens on the other islands, visiting Menorca means fully immersing yourself in an experience of relaxation, comfort and tranquillity that can be found in few places. It is precisely this that makes Menorca a favourite place for many who are looking for familiar, comfortable or quiet places, either for a family vacation, or for a romantic weekend getaway or a honeymoon.

 Best places to stay in Menorca

Depending on the circumstances of the trip, different types of visitors may have different ideas of what “a good place to stay” means. That is why we have prepared a series of specific recommendations for each case, in search of making your visit as pleasant as possible.

CalaGaldana undoubtedly leads the way when it comes to family entertainment. From family restaurants in front of the beach, through discos and nightlife entertainment, to playgrounds for the little ones, all this together makes CalaGaldana one of the best places to go in family groups and there is always something that will keep any member of the family happy regardless of their age.

In the case of couples in love looking for a slightly more discreet place that invites its visitors to explore every corner, Bilbineca is without a doubt the most recommended place.

In case that the visitor does not have their own vehicle during their stay, Ciutadella is definitely one of the best places to choose to stay. Being the second largest settlement on the island, this town has all the comforts and activities that can be requested from the island, in addition to having everything quite close, so walking to the different places will not be a problem.

We must also remember that Menorca, although it is not such a large island, the distances can be great when wanting to visit all the places on the island in the shortest possible time, so there will be visitors who also opt to rent a car menorca during their visit.

This, as well as having tremendous advantages in terms of comfort, since they will be able to come and go around the island without worry, also means that they will not be subject to public transport schedules.