Boat rental in Barcelona: what capacity to choose?

Boat rental is a popular service not only in Ibiza and Mallorca but also in Barcelona. Wherever there is a yacht club, you can rent a vessel of any capacity and for any purpose, as long as it does not violate safety rules and fits within your budget.

Boats are rented for banquets, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and for organizing corporate parties, seminars, and conferences on board. However, one of the most popular reasons remains a simple sea trip on a boat with a tour. If you are interested in renting a boat in Barcelona, at the link, you will find information on available options with detailed information. Renting a small catamaran or yacht to meet friends who visit Barcelona as guests will allow you to give them a lot of new emotions and show the city from an unusual perspective.

Sightseeing boats have a small capacity. Typically, the maximum number of passengers that can board a small catamaran is limited to 12-30 guests. The duration of the boat rental depends on the goals, route, and stops. In most cases, the minimum rental period for a sightseeing boat is 3 hours. Optional is the service of a guide who will tell you about landmarks and memorable places along the way. The presence of a banquet or reception hall is not required.

Boats with greater capacity, up to 70 people, are rented not only for excursions but also for banquets. On board such vessels, you can already see a stage for shows and its own kitchen with a menu.

The largest boats are considered those catamarans that accommodate 150 or more people. Such boats are usually divided into several open and closed decks, they have several halls, as well as cabins for guests to stay overnight. The number of buffet and banquet places may differ on the same vessel.

It should be noted that in addition to capacity, attention should be paid to the class of the vessel and its age. The final cost will be influenced by additional services, among which food organization, shows, additional rental of motor boats and jet skis, and guide services can be noted. Don’t forget to plan the route and stopping points in advance with a company consultant that you will turn to.