Before You Rent Your First RV: Here’s What You Should Know

Have you dreamed of going on road trips with your friends or family? RV rentals are just a thing to consider because of their uniqueness. The RVs are also fun and flexible. They provide the comfortability of a home on wheels. This article will discuss more of what one needs to consider before renting one.

Tips to consider before renting an RV

1. Planning and choosing the right RV to rent.

Before one goes on a trip with an RV rental, they should decide which type of RV they would rent. The rentals are divided into two different classes: Drivable RVs and Towable RVs.

Drivable RVs, also known as motorhomes, are the ones one drives and sleeps in the same space. They are divided into three classes; Class A, B, and C. Class A RVs’ are the biggest ones and even weigh over 26000 pounds.

The Class A RVs resemble coach buses. Unlike Class A RVs, Class B RVs are the smallest and accommodate few people to sleep in them. They are also known as camper vans. Class C RVs are the most comfortable and the best choices for road trips. After all, they do not require a special license like Class A RVs because they are way less than 26000pounds.

Towable RVs are towered by a pickup truck. A camper or a person who rented it does not sleep in it. In this type of RVs, there are different classes: folding trailers, fifth wheels, utility trailers, and toy haulers. Folding campers are light and can be towed by minivans, trucks, or other cars.

Fifth wheels are heavier and cannot be towed by any vehicle like the folding trailers. They need to be towed by a vehicle with a high tow capacity. They also need to attach a special hitch that can only link to a pickup truck bed. Fifth wheels have huge kitchens for full-size appliances and better space. Planning enables one to fully enjoy and have a great time on their trips.

2. Choose favorable destinations that everyone will enjoy.

With an RV rental, one can travel anywhere or the places they dream of. One can go to any site they want, the beach, Island, parks, e.t.c. One could ensure there are various activities for children to enjoy or participate in so as they are not bored.

Also, if it is a family trip, the parents should create their own space and time to enjoy each other’s company. Doing so will make the trip very fun and exciting.

3. Lay a budget for the trip.

Budgeting starts from the stage one decides to rent an RV till the end of the trip. It would be an ongoing process and includes each step, such as leasing, buying necessities, e.t.c. Creating a budget allows the people renting the RV for a trip to be prepared for any expense that comes their way but also to ensure that they do not overspend their money on things that are not important for the trip.

The budget should include the amenities fees, parking fees, gas for the travel, meals, and activities for each destination they stop, aside from the costs of renting the RV.

In conclusion, one should look at all of the above-stated things before renting an RV to ensure the trip will be fun and memorable.