All That You Need to Know About Whale Watching Trip in Tenerife

A whale and dolphin watching trip is a must for every traveller on their Tenerife trip. Tenerife is known to be one of the best tourist spots in Europe for whale watching. Within the crystal pure blue water, you’re face to face with whales and dolphins. You can sunbathe, swim in beautiful surroundings, and spend a relaxing day in the Atlantic Ocean. 

All tour companies include whale watching trips in their excursion because that is the prime focus for many tourists. However, getting the Tenerife whale watching package from Club Canary makes your trip luxurious. All their bat trips are of 3 hours duration but prices are different. Along with whale watching, you can also enjoy water activities. 

If you’re planning a trip to Tenerife, then you should know everything about the trip as things has changed after COVID 19 pandemic –

Best Places for Whale and Dolphin Watch

The majority of tours begin in the island’s south and west. You have the opportunity to join an excursion in Adeje, Arona, Playa de las Americas, and Puerto de Santiago. During a 2-4 hour tour, you’ll be able to see a variety of whale and dolphin species. The chances of spotting a variety of unique and stunning underwater sea animals are extremely high. At the moment, you have an 80%-95% chance of seeing dolphins and even whales.

Whale Species

 1/3rd of the world’s dolphin species may be found in the blue seas of the Canary Islands. The bottlenose dolphins and pilot whales are the most sighted species. Apart from those, the Risso Dolphins and Spermatozoan Whales are also commonly seen. There are several migratory species such as fin whales, killer whales, blue whales, and minke whales. Even near Tenerife, people can spot rough-toothed dolphins, stripy dolphins, and Fraser’s dolphins, have been discovered.

Best Time to Spot Whales and Dolphins

There are permanent spots for whales and dolphins around the coast of Tenerife due to the mild climate, calm waters, excellent water quality, and plentiful supply of food. These sea creatures are visible throughout the year. Whale and dolphin watching is only recommended during the winter season, during December and January month. 

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Carry sunglasses and sun cream to protect skin and eyes from UV rays.
  • Bring a camera to capture stunning moments. 
  • You will also get a chance to swim in shallow water, so bring along your swimsuit.
  • Don’t harass whales and dolphins or any other sea creature by touching them or going near them. They get scared to go back deep into the sea. 
  • Don’t bring food to feed sea animals. It harms their digestive system which leads to their death. 
  • Some people suffer from motion sickness therefore it is wise to carry all kinds of medications that can help in controlling nausea and vomiting. 

You can make the best selection of whale watching tours in Tenerife, by exploring various websites and tour companies. Compare the price along with the activities provided in the package and then make a deal. The Canary Island legislation has set some rules for tourists to protect animals from humankind. Ensure that you follow all rules and regulations to avoid hefty penalties.