7 Recommended Hotels with Private Pool Facilities in Bali

Bali’s beautiful natural panorama has received a lot of recognition from the international world. Therefore, of course enjoying the beauty of the island of Bali is not enough if only one day. You need to stay at least a night or two to be able to walk around Bali solemnly. Because it has become a tourist destination for a million people, various types of accommodation are also widely spread in Bali. From bunk bed dormitory to luxurious five-star accommodation at spectacular prices.

You can find everything in Bali, including the hottest hotels with private pools. Can you imagine how exciting it is to travel to Bali while staying at a hotel that has a private pool. Want to know which hotels in Bali have private pool facilities? Check out the list below.

1. The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah

Standing above the rice fields of Ubud, The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah looks stunning with its traditional Balinese gate design. One bedroom pool villa is the first choice for those who want to feel the sensation of staying with a private pool. The location of The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah is very close to many tourist attractions in Ubud and art galleries and famous restaurants. Even now you can enjoy flying balloon rides with an impressive view of the rice fields.

2. The Amala

Are you often disturbed by the sound of children during your stay? Don’t worry. At The Amala you are free from these distractions because of hotel regulations that require guests to be at least 12 years old to stay. In addition to the calm atmosphere in the hotel area, The Amala offers rooms with private pool access packaged in a unique villa building. Staying at The Amala makes you feel like you are staying at home.

3. Banyan Tree Ungasan

Located at the southern tip of the Island of the Gods, Banyan Tree Ungasan offers spectacular beach views. All rooms are villas with private pools overlooking the beach. Its location close to many tourist attractions in the Uluwatu area makes it a strategic place to stay for a vacation.

4. W Hotel

One of the five-star hotels in the Seminyak area, you can also refer for a fun stay. The type of room that includes a private pool is a villa with an outdoor lounge, and access to Seminyak Beach is only a few steps away. If you are bored, you can take a walk to the W Oasis area offers tranquility in the form of a garden with a cooling pool.

5. Jimbaran Cliffs Private Hotel

Want to be able to spend the night in a hotel with a private pool that doesn’t break your pocket? The answer is at Jimbaran Cliffs Private Hotel. There are two types of rooms, each bedroom pool villa and cliff edge pool suite which has private pool facilities. The private pool offered is also not an ordinary private pool but an infinity pool. Fun, right? You can even enjoy the sunrise and sunset views of Bali at once directly from the front of your room.

6. Gravity Hotel

If you are bored with the same hotel style, you can try staying at the Gravity Hotel. Here, you can feel the sensation of staying at a hotel with an environmentally friendly building concept but can still access the luxury of five-star hotel facilities. Those of you who like surfing will be pampered with very close access, only 5 minutes to the beach with the best surf waves in Bali, including Padang-Padang Beach and Bingin Beach.

7. The Slow

The Slow hotel is located on the coast of Canggu Beach. This hotel concept is perfect for those who want to stay in an anti-mainstream place but with luxury hotel-class facilities such as a private pool. The limited room units make the atmosphere less crowded. The interior and exterior designs are very contemporary with a unique exposed industrialist concept. You who are young at heart must try to stay here.

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