7 Best Restaurant Recommendations in Gili Meno, Worth A Try!

Are you looking for a recommended Gili islands Indonesia restaurant? We recommend that you read this article. The reason is this article will give you recommendations for the best restaurants in the Gili Meno area. Let’s have a look at the full explanation below.

Best Restaurant in Gili Meno

1. Sasak Cafe

This restaurant serves Indonesian specialties at affordable prices. Not only local dishes, but Sasak Cafe also offers western menus. Many choose to visit Sasak Cafe because the atmosphere is very comfortable for relaxation. While eating your meal, you can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the beach. 

2. Mahamaya

In Gili Meno, there is a famous restaurant named Mahamaya, whose main menu is a barbecue dish. They offer a romantic fine-dining restaurant atmosphere.

3. Diana Cafe

If you want a more casual and less formal atmosphere, you can choose Diana Cafe. This restaurant is located on the beach. Here, you can order fresh drinks such as juices and cold beers. It will be more complete if accompanied by snacks or snacks. Many tourists make Diana Cafe a stopover before visiting tourist destinations on other islands. 

4. Adeng Adeng

Visiting Gili Meno is incomplete if you haven’t visited Adeng Adeng. This restaurant offers a relaxed atmosphere. One of the dishes that are featured here is seafood. The taste of the food is very fresh and delicious. You can choose a variety of seafood menus, ranging from local Indonesian dishes to Thai specialties. The atmosphere at dinner is more exciting because the tables at Adeng Adeng are arranged very close to the beach.

5. Mallias Child

Don’t like the atmosphere of a busy restaurant? You can choose Mallias Child, which has a much calmer atmosphere. You can order various menus here because the choices are quite complete. They have everything if you want to eat local dishes from Indonesia or Italian-style pizzas.

6. Ya Ya Warung (Food Stall)

Ya Ya Warung is not a restaurant but a warung (food stall), as the name suggests. One of my favorite dishes in this place is gado-gado. Gado-gado is a type of Indonesian salad which is very popular among foreigners. This food consisting of vegetables, tofu, and eggs smothered in peanut sauce, can sell up to dozens of servings per day. 

7. Little Bali Restaurant

One more restaurant recommendation that must be visited is Little Bali Restaurant. This restaurant focuses on western dishes. Not only to eat food, but you can also play billiards with friends or other visitors at this location. 

You also need to know that several restaurants near Bali indonesia beaches like Gili Meno area have started implementing environmentally friendly businesses. This is an effort towards a sustainable Indonesia.