5 Telltale Signs You Discovered A Good Beach Bar


A beach getaway is not complete without a visit to the best beach bar in Singapore. Since you are on vacation, aside from the various activities you can do, a chilling experience of drinking your favourite mix under the sunset is always a refreshing idea.

If you are searching for a bar at Sentosa, some signs tell you you are in the right place!

1. Impressive location

It may seem self-evident, but it’s not as simple as it appears. When you search for a Sentosa beach bar, you will automatically see many choices. However, some locations may not look as promising as you thought in the pictures. The right bar at Sentosa should have a clear view of the ocean.

2. Fresh air

An alfresco bar in Singapore is inviting if you see outdoor dining images. Areas like these often give a relaxing atmosphere. If you feel it reaches your expectations of a strong seaside breeze, then it only means you choose the right place.

3. No strict dress codes

When you look for a relaxing spot in some Siloso beach bar areas, choose a place with low dress codes requirements. It’s more fun to be in an area that allows you to wear your flip-flops and bikinis. If you see a place like this, you’ll enjoy your drinks better.

4. Lively music

How can you call a beach bar in Singapore a bar if it has no lively music? Music is an essential component of the best beach bar trips, whether they’re playing western, reggae, vintage rock or other music that fits the scene.

5. Fun and memorable experience

When you search for a bar at Sentosa, choose a bar that will make you come back for more. You’ll want to stay awhile when you eventually find your ultimate place to chill and relax.

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