5 Reasons to Visit Death Valley on Your Next Trip to Las Vegas

Barren land, crawling scorpions, and a very hot climate is what comes to mind as soon as we think of Death Valley.

Well, yes these terms do describe Death Valley to some extent, but it is not just that, and surely there is much more to explore here.

Usually, the Death Valley is overlooked as a travel destination in the U.S. and probably this is the exact reason why you must check it out.

Besides, it is located just a 2-hour drive from Las Vegas. This means, all it will take is one day to visit this unique national park.

Well, if you are not sure, here are the top 5 reasons why Death Valley National Park should be on your list.

1. It sounds and seems very mysterious

Can you think of any other national park with a more intimidating name than Death Valley? Well, highly doubtful. While the name can be a turn-off for many visitors, some adventurous ones like the way it sounds.

Now, combine this mysterious name with a gloomy landscape, and this place will surely draw you like no other national park.

2. It is much more than a barren land

The landscape of this park is extremely unique. Yes, in some places it is a little odd, but it will surely impress you. For instance, Badwater Basin is 282 feet below sea level, it is the lowest spot in the US.

On the other hand, if you climb Telescope Peak, the highest mountain in the park, you will reach a height of 11,043 feet.

3. It makes you feel truly disconnected

Driving through Death Valley is very thrilling. You will be able to see for miles in all directions and once you pass the Furnace Creek, you will be driving for miles without any other car in sight.

In simple words, if you want to experience the thrill of being in the middle of nowhere, you will get it here.

4. It is a perfect winter destination

Surely you can visit the 7 wonders of North America, but none of them will give you a perfect trekking temperature during winters as Death Valley will.

At the end of Dec, the temperature during the day is as high as 18°C, while at night it is 5°C to 8°C. While a climate like this is not very warm, it can be truly perfect for exploring the area and going for hikes.

5. It is not very popular

For now, Death Valley is not as famous as other parks, which is good if you want to explore it in peace. Keep in mind, that tourism is picking up in this area, and it will be crowded just like other destinations in the coming years. So, visit this unusual national park right now before it becomes too popular.

If you are still confused about visiting this place, just remember it is full of surprises. For instance, if you are in Death Valley during the springtime, you might even get to see the area being blanketed with wildflowers. So, don’t resist it anymore, start booking your trip to Death Valley today.