5 Questions Every Immigrant Must Ask An Immigration Consultant

When you are looking to hire an immigration consultant to assist you with the whole process of immigration, it is a must to choose a trustworthy and professional one. It will make the immigration procedure done quickly. If you have not worked with an immigration agent, you may not know what to look for to choose the right one.

We have shared a checklist of helpful questions you should ask before hiring an immigration agency in Doha or anywhere else, which will help you make the whole process easier. Find them below:

  1. Are you a certified immigration consultant?

Every country has a registration system to act for immigration clients. If you work with a non-certified consultation, you may be misguided during the process. Come consultants claim to work with registered immigration consultants, which will make the process easier. You should be aware of such false claims as they are not capable of lawfully representing you if something goes wrong during the approval of the application. You must enquire about their licence or registration number if they claim they are registered. 

  1. How much experience do you hold?

An experienced agent or immigration consultant will assist you effectively throughout the process and ensure your successful application on the first attempt. Because the immigration agency, whether in Qatar or elsewhere, must have years of experience, some agents may claim they have been in the industry for many years. In addition, you may cross-verify by asking the consultants about their consultancy registration year. 

  1. What if my application doesn’t get approved?

Usually, all the consultants will give a common answer “we will refund all your money.” Does your consultant have access to file a review for your application? Can they provide you with other options? If the consultant is unregistered, they will leave you after the denial on the first step as they do not hold access to the case for negotiations. That is why choosing a certified immigration consultant is required. 

  1. What are the chances of success?

No reputable consultancy can guarantee your success in such cases. They advise you. If someone guarantees to provide you with a visa, be careful! It may be a trap. However, a consultant must give you some idea of possibilities for success before you sign a contract. Also, you can take reviews of your family, friends, or colleagues who have used their services before.

  1. Which immigration program is suitable for me, and why?

Before you sign a contract to proceed with the immigration process with a consultant, the representative must let you know which program is relevant for you and why. Be careful If any consultants try to ordain a single program or are unable to explain to your satisfaction why the specific program is best for you.

Hence these are some essential questions you should ask before hiring a consultant.


Hiring a reliable consultant is important as the application approval depends on how an agent handles the whole process. So you must keep these questions in mind to ask while choosing a consultant. In case you need to hire an immigration consultant in Doha, then Mis-consultants would be best for you as they are one of the best immigration consultancies in Doha, and they have a team of professionals for handling immigration cases.