What Are the Biggest Industries & Employers in Toronto?

Although it would be better to grab a job before you move to Toronto, sometimes people can’t wait to see that out and have to move immediately.  Thankfully, this city has massive industries and huge hiring companies that are always excited for new employees.

These are the top industries in Toronto and why so many people are moving here for work and play.

Film and Animation

If you’ve always been creative, it could be time to take your chance on animation!  This style of film and media is popular around the world, covering many different types of shows and movies.

Although it’s not Hollywood when it comes to film, Toronto has a massive film and television industry as well, which continues to grow.  This industry is hard to break into if you don’t have the right connections, but it’s extremely rewarding once you can break through.

Financial Services

If you want to get paid enough to eventually be able to afford one of the many gorgeous homes for sale in Toronto: it’s a good call to work in finances.  Financial services range from banking support to designing the applications and customer interface to working face to face with customers.

Some of the large companies within Toronto are banking businesses, like the Toronto-Dominion Bank, the second-largest bank in Canada with over 25 million worldwide customers.  

Food and Beverages

This is a massive city, and it needs to be fed.  The food and beverages industries in the city are massive and work hard to ensure there’s always an excess of options, flavors, stock, and locations for any customers who get a slight pang of thirst or hunger.  

The hiring force for this ranges from the cooks to flavor testers, packaging, design, customer service, quality control, and so much more.  This is a massive industry that employs a huge portion of the city.


Toronto’s famously a tech hub.  Due to tax breaks for startups, a creative population, and the accessibility of building a tech head setup, Toronto is full to the brim with tech companies.  This is fantastic if you want to get a quick education that can turn around to make you hundreds of thousands of years as long as you’re skilled at what you do.

These companies hire more than just developers and tech pros; they also need people who do customer service, act as the face of the company and are able to communicate with the financial side of the business.  


Toronto gets over 27 million followers every year, making it the leading tourism destination in Canada by far.  Tourists love the history and fun of the city while also being amazed at the Toronto Islands and having fun sightseeing.  

Some of the most popular destinations are landmarks like the Casa Loma, a castle that overlooks Toronto and is rumored to be haunted, despite no evidence ever showing whether or not these ghosts truly existed.

There’s No Job Market Like Toronto’s

Toronto ensures that anyone who wants to work can have a job within hours.  Consider moving here and checking out the job market firsthand!