Planning A Trip After The Pandemic

Does lockdown make you feel like a caged bird? Like million others are you waiting for this pandemic to end, just so you could leave the 4 walls of your household? After the lockdown lifts, I’m definitely going on a solo trip or a road trip – do you say this to yourself almost every day? If the answer to any of these is Yes! then this article is for you. This is the guide to travel on a budget but in style after the pandemic. Make plans today so you don’t have to tomorrow. Here’s how you should plan your trip:

Step 1: Select an ideal destination.

The destination is the most important part of a trip but if the destination itself is costly, no matter how much you cut down your spendings, it will burn a hole in your pocket. Research your destinations beforehand.

Step 2: Plan early

The importance of this step cannot be stressed enough. Planning your trip early has many benefits to it. You get a cheaper air ticket, discounts on hotels, you get to pay attention to minute details that might become a big deal afterward and are therefore able to resolve problems if there’s an issue. There’s also the anticipation that builds up with time.

Step 3: Travel in public transport / a group

The formula to affordable trips – travel in public transport as much as possible. Public transport such as trains and buses are the cheapest form of travel available. For long distances, trains being fast and cheap are the most preferable medium. If you’re traveling in a group, inside the city, book a car instead. Use any car booking app and you are good to go. You will have no restriction of where you can or cannot stop. Thus, a better experience.

Step 4: Eat local

If you’re traveling to a new place make sure that you try the local delicacies. Always prefer the local food.  Not only is it cheaper than fancy and fast-food restaurants, but you also get the authentic taste that you wouldn’t get anyplace else. Also, eating local supports small businesses. Make sure you do your research about what delicacies your destination is known for.  Try to visit a local spot than a tourist place.

Step 5: Use the internet for discounts

The Internet is full of opportunities to save money while traveling on a budget. There are many online apps and websites that will help you get cheaper hotels, cheap flight tickets, affordable car bookings with one click of your finger. Goibibo, MakeMyTrip, Trivago are a few of such apps that will make the trip pocket-friendly as well as hassle-free. You can also get discounts on food in restaurants using food apps like Dineout and Zomato(gold).

Use the steps above to travel safely and budget-friendly. Plan carefully but also keep it flexible. Even though these plans are for the post-pandemic period, take precautions and do not ignore any symptoms.