Things to Do in the Berkshires

If you are planning to visit Berkshires for the first time or you are living in this magical state then I am going to tell you some fun things to do in the Berkshires. Let me tell you that Berkshires is located in Western Massachusetts. 

People love to visit this place due to its fascinating history, numerous outdoor play, incredible shopping and delicious variety of food. Additionally, there are a lot more activities that will definitely entertain its visitors. 

So in this article, there are the things that a person should do to make the trip to Berkshires interesting and fun. 

Never Miss the Concert of Music at Tanglewood 

Tangle Wood is the best place for music lovers. In this place, people can enjoy the open music under the sky. Tanglewood is an open-air venue to enjoy music. The ground of this magical place is very lush green and open throughout the year for visitors. 

This place is best to visit during the summer days. You can also visit it when you want to enjoy the music in the open air under the starry sky. Bring your blanket, cosy bedding and dinner with you and enjoy nature here. 

Do Purchasing In Lenox 

Lenox is a heavenly place for people who is fond of shopping. There is a broad area that is dotted with electric boutiques for shopping purposes. You can buy home gadgets, clothes, and goodies for vacation also. 

I highly recommend you visit this place and do a lot of shopping there. Before going towards this place keep this thing in mind that your pocket should be full. 

Do Hiking at Greylock 

Never forget to hike Greylock if you plan to visit Berkshires. At this mountain, you will enjoy the natural enjoy and beautiful sights. After the summit, the visitors have the chance to stay at the Veterans War Memorial Tower. This tower is a 93-foot-high granite lighthouse. You have to climb 89 steps if you want to reach the observation deck. From this place, you can enjoy the panoramic views that stretch across five states. 

Enjoy Food at Great Barrington

This place is aligned with tasty eats. This place is going to be the favourite place for people who loves to enjoy different taste of food. You can satisfy all your food cravings at this place. Must try the Sourdough pizza at the baba Louie. I am damn sure you will never forget the taste of the food. 

If you want to enjoy the Mexican staples most commonly margarita head towards the Xicotencatl. The aesthetic of the place and the taste of the food form a perfect combination. In simple words, you can enjoy tasty food here along with the peaceful environment.

Final Words

That are all the crucial things that a person should not miss during his visit to the Berkshires. In the end, I want to add that everybody should visit this place to enjoy life fully.