The Top 6 Things to Do in the Champagne Region

From the sunny shores of the Riviera to the romantic beauty of Paris, France is teeming with amazing sights and attractions. One area that is often overlooked is the Champagne Region in the northern part of the country. Indeed, more attention is paid to the world-famous wine that shares the region’s name.

On The Champagne Trail, Enjoy Good Wine

Champagne is a land of rolling hills and craggy mountains. It is the second-most northerly region of France. It is proudly a wine country that has existed for generations. Vineyards are scattered all over the countryside, big and small. Some of the wineries are centuries old and still making wine.

Finding the Best Vineyards

Many of the famous wineries and cellars are open to guided tours, and some of the chateaux in the vineyards offer samples. You can find the best chateaus and cellars to visit on winalist.

Savor Architecture and Art of the Past in Troy

The French municipality of Troyes is a beautiful town that is still steeped in its medieval heritage. The old town boasts preserved village homes dating back to the 16th century. There are nearly 10 museums dedicated to art collections from various eras. One museum contains over 11,000 workman’s tools used before the Industrial Revolution; another is home to hundreds of medieval medicines and concoctions.

Visit Cathedrals Worthy of a Bigger City

Troyes escaped relatively unscathed from the numerous religious wars that plagued Europe for centuries. It is one of the few smaller towns that has multiple cathedrals in the city St. Pierre and St. Paul cathedral is by far the most well-known. A beautiful Gothic building, it has survived multiple fires and a lightning strike and remained standing for over 800 years.

Discover Epernay, The Spiritual Home of Champagne

The cultural and architectural history of Epernay is extensive. It is the best place to stay when you plan on touring the Champagne region. It offers a perfect combination of proximity to the other major cities and the winery-filled countryside. Find out which prominent brands have their headquarters on Avenue de Champagne. Under this street alone, there are rumored to be almost 200 million bottles of champagne.

See Reims, The City Dedicated to King Crowning

One of the must-do activities during a weekend trip to Champagne is a visit to Reims. As the largest city in the region, a trip to Reims city center is a worthwhile endeavor. The city has witnessed the coronation of every French king at the Reims cathedral throughout its long history. Learn about the Palais de Tau, the royal hotel where France’s Kings stayed at their coronations.

When you are visiting this region, you will enjoy gorgeous landscapes, tranquil, attractive communities, artisan champagne establishments, and galleries where wines always occupy the limelight. Champagne is synonymous with wine and wine-making, and a visit to the region should be on the bucket list of every wine lover and connoisseur. There is still a lot to see and do in Champagne, and while much of it is involved with wine and winemaking, there are a lot of other experiences to savor.