The Best Destinations in the Caribbean

Holiday destinations cannot get easier than the Caribbean. With its abundance of beautiful beaches, romantic island breezes, turquoise water, exotic Montego Bay Jamaica resorts, and thousands of islands, there’s no reason not to choose the Caribbean.

Be it your first proper vacation of the year or a quick weekend getaway; you can count on plenty of natural scenery, water activities, and lots more to enjoy. Below, we have outlined the best destinations in the Caribbean for all your holidays.

1. St. Lucia

St. Lucia is most famous for its chalk-colored and expansive beaches. When visiting this luxurious island, you’ll find it hard to pick from many exotic resorts, hiking activities, and volcanoes. You’ll never want to stop soaking up the glorious sun at Reduit Beach, nor want to stop admiring the drive-in volcano at Sulphur Springs, the only one of its kind.

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway or an intimate escape for you and your partner, you’ll find a handful of isolated resorts to choose from.

2. British Virgin Islands

When looking for the best destinations in the Caribbean, your next best choice is the British Virgin Islands. Although 60 islands are underdeveloped, you will discover many famous places, such as Tortola.

There will be endless lush green forests, mountainous cliffs, and white sandy beaches to explore. You can also enjoy a wide range of water sports, including water skiing and kayaking.

You could head over to the Baths on the British Virgin Islands for a more picturesque shore. This destination is especially ideal for those who prefer a more serene environment and flatter terrain.

3. U.S Virgin Islands

If your next holiday includes island-hopping plans, you should consider including the U.S. Virgin Islands in the itinerary. It consists of three gorgeous islands, including St. Croix, St John, and St. Thomas, with St Croix being the largest.

This island is also famous as a honeymoon destination because of the private exotic resorts you will find here. But there’s no reason for other nature-loving vacationers to choose this destination too. With plenty of scuba diving opportunities in the clearest blue waters, beautiful architecture, and cultural scenes spread across the 22 miles of the island, this is a befitting holiday destination.

4. Barbados

Not sure where to head in the Caribbean for your next holiday? Well, Barbados is the easiest choice to make. But don’t let the convenience of this destination choice fool you into thinking you’ll be deprived of exciting opportunities.

Barbados is the top choice for some of the most luxurious sandy beaches, palatial resorts, and verdant golf courses. You will not be sure what to include or leave out of your roster, what with the endless range of exciting holiday offerings.

There’s the Mount Gay Rum you have to sample or Harrison Cave with its limestone caverns to explore. Then there’s also the thrilling horse race that attracts visitors worldwide at Garrison Savannah. Or the chance to dance to lively calypso tunes like there’s no tomorrow. Whatever you do, you can count on a memorable experience while in Barbados.

5. Dominican Republic

If you’re looking for the largest Caribbean country that attracts many honeymooners and vacationers each year, it’s the Dominican Republic. From its picturesque beaches to the Puerto Plata and Punta Cana destinations, a worthwhile holiday experience awaits you.

The rich cultural experiences, combined with arts, music, and history, will keep you fascinated all the days of your vacation here. There are the safest and most beautiful beaches for family vacations, surfing opportunities, and delectable cuisine and wine offerings to tantalize anybody.

6. Cayman Islands

Those who prioritize diving for their holidays will never be disappointed with the Cayman Islands. This Caribbean destination outdoes itself with its 365 diving sites spread across three charming islands. It’s a haven for watersports lovers and offers endless opportunities for fishing, deep-sea diving, and snorkeling.

Lying just ten miles from Grand Cayman, Little Cayman attracts tourists worldwide to spot gigantic sea creatures. However, if you’re looking for spectacular scenic views of the ocean floor, cliffs, and the bluest skies, then you won’t be disappointed with what Cayman Brac has to offer.

Final Thoughts

The Caribbean is undoubtedly on the bucket list of every traveler and vacationer worldwide. But the sheer variety of destinations here can make it hard for anybody to pick just a handful of places to visit and still have a complete travel diary.

From the stunning islands to the glorious beaches, the Caribbean is home to hidden lagoons, the most beautiful European-inspired architecture, and many more.